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L O L at this post but it really shows how my life has changed in the past few months 🔆
I was plagued with severe acne, rashes around my eyes and on my neck, chronic, extreme fatigue (literally I would pass out after eating), brain fog, chronic soreness in my muscles, digestive issues, inability to get to sleep, and extreme stress.
How did I fix these issues? I was given hormonal/steroid medication from doctors but I didn't get what I felt were the right results so I took matters into my own hands. I can't know for sure what helped me heal myself but I believe it was a combination of:
1) Switching to a whole food, plant based diet full of leafy greens, local and organic fruits and veggies, and fermented foods. My digestion is back on track and I haven't had any fatigue crashes for months! I'm also constantly full of energy now. 🌱
2) Aligning my lifestyle with my beliefs in several ways. I started testing various zero-waste and green practices that I've been curious about for a long time but too scared to try. I quit an unfulfilling job at a company who's values did not align with mine. I learned to say no to activities in favor of alone time and self care, even if it means missing out on seeing close friends. And of course creating this Instagram to channel my energy into. 💙
3) I incorporated meditation and yoga into my daily life in an attempt to learn to relax. I'm the type of person who would rather be busy 24 hours a day that be left alone with my thoughts, but becoming more in-tune with my mind and body has made life so much more enjoyable. 🙏
So all I can say is, figure out who you are and what you care about, become a living example of those values, and be kind to yourself! Also nutrition is SO SO SO important and is the foundation of all health in my opinion.
I know this account is supposed to be about sustainability but I view sustainability of health and the mind to be just as important as environmental sustainability - without strong, healthy humans we won't be able to advocate and fight for real change. 🌎
I love supporting small brands and this box has ties to both of my favorite cities, Phoenix @ouifresh and Nashville @abeautifulmess ! I’ve never signed up for a beauty subscription box before but what sold me on this one is the non-toxic and cruelty free products. My Insta-story shows what’s inside, check it out! #Ouifresh #NotAnAd

This photo was edited with #AColorStory filter called Notting Hill, from the @a_ontheroad filter pack, he’s one of my favorite Instagram photo bloggers!
Putting the "p" in procrastination. These shades are from the dollar store. #packing #seattlebound
It's about performing "a few well-designed movements, properly in a balanced sequence". Learn more about the benefits of proper breathing and working in a neutral alignment.
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I know I'm ahead of my time. Some dislike you because they have to work overtime to catch up with what you do, who you are and where you come from.
No one has the POWER to take away, destroy or stop what is divinely YOURS.
No words, deeds or amount of hate can keep you away from it.
They may hate you now, but they'll love you later because you paved the way.
I hope you here me🎧...
Mic Check🎤 #agent
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If you didn't creep out a neighbor by lurking around the yard with your food for good lighting, did you really even Instagram? 😂On the real though, the hunger has been REAL today so this seemingly meal plate was actually a snack. A delicious snack though☝🏼 @eatbanza shells with @raoshomemade sauce, about half a jar of @bragglivefoods nutritional yeast(but really), green beans, and roasted brussel sprouts with garlic, sea salt, more nooch, and pepper! Bam. Also ... TGIF TOMORROW🙌🏼

My body sent me a gentle reminder yesterday to slow down and give it some rest. I am quite an energetic person (also a high achiever and perfectionist - I'm my own worst enemy) and like to be super productive with my time. I am quite aware of my body and mind and know my triggers when it is time to slow down.

But once upon a time I wasn't like that.
I used to push my body and mind through that.
Because that was a supposed sign of "weakness"
I used to "just deal with it"

Your mind and body can only put up with that lifestyle for so long before something gives. It is not designed to be switched on and constantly pushing day after day.

So, please be kind to yourself. Give your body and mind time to relax. Self-care is important.
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Dear @revivekombucha you're my favorite. HEY YOU GUYS! If you haven't tried this, do yourself a favor and get on it. Seriously the best. All the heart eyes. 😍😍 #kombuchalove #kombuchacrazy
Can you spot Bentley? 😂 After school forest time 🙏🏻💗🌲🍂

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