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Vandaag een nieuw pad ontdekt door een cactusbos naar beneden en lopen langs de Ria Formosa van Cacela Velha naar Fabrica...
Dit was een cadeautje op onze laatste dag hier in de Algarve!
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"Salite su una collina al tramonto. Tutti hanno bisogno ogni tanto di una prospettiva e lì la troverete."
"Climb up on some hill at sunrise. Everybody needs perspective once in a while, and you'll find it there."
- Rob Sagendorph

#valledelsanterno #santernovalley #sunset
#camminatanellanatura #walking #fossofuoco #appenninismo #landscape #sunsetorsunrisemagazine
This handstand wall walk is a drill that’ll get you used to moving your hands. In this clip, I’m moving laterally with the front body facing the wall. This, in my opinion, is way better for maintaining your body line than if you had the back to the wall which will make you banana, and lets face it, that’s just plain ugly!! 🤣
* Keep the feet glued together with legs and glutes tight. * Steer with the feet, let them lean so that you put the weight into the hand that your bearing on in order to lift and move the other. * observe which arm you gravitate towards for weight bearing, in order to give more focus and attention on the weakest arm. For me, you may notice that I prefer to be on the left hand side. I think that’s because I always bail out from my hs with the right hand coming off as I cartwheel to the side so I’m naturally more comfortable because I’ve done it thousands of times! * keep the shoulders open, no sinking! * remember to go both ways, starting with a few steps one way then the other and eventually building it up to 10 x 10 which is about 1 minute time under tension.

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