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Arvo drinks in the city... The most kookoo day of Boxing Day shopping I've ever seen!!!!! #toatscray #shoptiltheydrop #ijustlooked
Only in Virginia do you drink beer while shopping in walmart!?
Threw off the Chipotle crew today. Sub tacos for salad. #toatscray
Jax Not looking impressed! Actually he was just trying to get his shit together after chocking on a chicken neck bone for around 5-10 mins! Threw him in the car & as we get down the road he finally threw it up all over Timbo's leg & then blew his anal glands all over him the car! $180 later after a check up from the vet, he is blessed to live another day! Tough lill Jakky! #TOATSCRAY #MYLIFEISASHAMBLES #lol!