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Take a piece of mister jussi’s band! Still need alto/tenor saxophonist’s and a bassist for 3018 to tour the world! The “poor people” SLEEP when the stars come out night idiots! Learn to sleep anywhere and love it! More importantly learn to know the present meaning of the word lying with me! @jussipekkakorkala ! Objective consciousness! It’s also jiujitsu every day to play in my band! Got it! There’s no LYING TO Me IDIOTS! Look at this RETARD sending apologies for 3 rd day -‘die fag!. Die behind the WHEEL! Get the plot yet musicians? Who’s leading the band??? New New oldest friend at the throttle - more or less! Approximately 1-8 against nature here kids! Learn the band technique here! Who’s leading the band! Piano or drums?! Piano motherfuckers! Stowing way the “time”. Here IDIOTS! Go back jack and do it again because NO-one is awake in a place we call “YEAH !! - HYPNOSIS!! “Learn to plat this and we’ll discuss! This idiots key technique still done kids! It’s the REAL LIVE WIRE - right in front of you - steely dan live 2003 Dre energy on YouTube- you’ll regret if not listening to 1:34! Steely Dan still an autotune! Stop worrying about tomorrow before it’s too late! Two words - gamma ray bursts! @jussipekkakorkala ! It’s the universal 9 pm whisky time of musicians everywhere! Cheers! Conductor now taking questions at if you provide a photograph with a time stamp of yourself feeding cats or dogs with chicken! No shitty chicken either ok!? #highenergyphysics #steelydan #math #jazz #quantumphysics #philosophy #models @jussipekkakorkala @the_physics_connection #complaining #shooting #idiots #existentialism #god #effectiveforretards #litanies #music #conditioning #musicians #conducting #memes #piano #thinking #doing #being #feeling #amsterdam #parkersband #gurdjieff #lyrics
Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your own Free time to be yourself.

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