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#TEACHING #BEAUTY #LEARNING #COLLEGE Become a acredditation Microblanding Teck at Bridges Beauty-College Rancho Cucamonga enrollment open message 760-985-7279
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6 reflections on what makes a great teacher from George Saunders, 2017 winner of The Man Booker Prize. [link in bio] #georgesaunders #manbooker2017 #themanbookerprize #teaching
There are different ways of Learning English and watching films 🎥 is one of them . Why you should watch films in English : 1. You will improve your listening and understanding skills . 2. You will improve your pronunciation. 3. It will be easier to follow spoken English. 4. You will learn new vocabulary. 5 . You will enjoy watching films in their original language.
What's your best way to learn English ? 🤔#film #movies #English #learning #teaching #hkig #students #school #tgif #enjoy #happy #explore #chinese #asia
2️⃣7️⃣ isn't a prime number, but I'm feeling like I'm in my prime. 😉

Here's to all the new opportunities coming my way in the year ahead. 🎈 🎂 ❤️
Aaand, that’s a wrap!
I spent 4 days this week with THE rad-est group of humans, locking down the knowledge and skills required to become a trainer for the amazing ladies @thedigitalpicnic.
I’ve been a huge fan of Cat and Cherie since the very early days- from my very first engagement with them as a workshop attendee, I was struck not only by their skills and knowledge, but also by their generosity of spirit and REAL desire to help businesses effect positive change.
I’m so proud to be taking the leap with them as they launch TDP on a national scale, with the (incredibly capable) assistance of:
@emilyspicerstuart and @northof_here (Melbourne) Todd and Alex from @fletchdigital (Sydney) and @steviesayssocial (Brisbane/Gold Coast).
Can’t . Freakin’ . WAIT.
One thing I learned from at Homeschool Teaching Summit this week is, after reading a bible verse or story with your kids.. Hand them a notebook and let them doodle what struck them or what they learned. You will be amazed that indeed they are listening and are hungry for the word of God. I am grateful to witness how these little seeds of faith will blossom in the lives of our children.
This morning, we read Luke 12:6-7.
Whom to Fear // "Aren't five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth much more than many sparrows!" Thank you Homeschool Summits especially for the keynote speaker Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom. It has been an amazing eye opener as we embrace homeschooling for first time. Yes, we homeschool not to RUN FROM school systems, but to RUN TO our mission of raising disciples of Jesus. ❤

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Have a BAA-tiful long weekend our gorgeous teacher peeps. Leap around, drink some milk and get out there in the paddock - that's the advice from this wee lamb.

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