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Who said #Reggae
is #Dead😨 tell mi who!?!?
#Interest* & Money* Riddim
#Reggae #Electro #New Trend 2017/2018
Brand 🆕 Billboard Quality* #Talent
Don't B Jealous Do Better Than Me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂⚡⚡⚡
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for the majority*
As @21savage said it in #Savage Mode Song🎵🎶
"Ain't No Loyalty, These Niggaz All For Self" so i will do my own thangz by myself without ask no one nothing With the help of God/Jesus🙏❤ (he will never let me down⬇ contrary to the majority*) #DeceivedByPeople

Men Lie, No Numbers #Facts
Only 1 Vote☑ #Remember Dat😒
No Forget
#Just The Disgusting Reality
#Only Acts
#100% Facts
#Virtual Support

If i don't do it, no one else will not do it for me
#Just The Reality

By Interest*

U must b crzy for trust a man Since Genesis 3 exempt Jesus.
#One Word💋🔥🔥🔥👂🎵🎶


When you do a strip tease
I get chills and it's so nice
Cause you dance like a queen with talent
Take it off
All your clothes
Go and dance around that pole
Panties off and your legs in the air

Baby tell me what you need
And i'll give you what you want
Girl your shape is like a dream
Come be naked on my lap
What tricks do you have To show me
Babe i see you standing there
I want you to go down on me (go down on me)
Don't stop continue right there

Let me kiss you on your neck
And caress you everywhere
You exite me to no end
Touchin' your skin makes my heartbeat climb higher and higher

There's no way we can't just be friends
Cause I want more with ya
Twerk & twerk i just can't believe this
It's not a dream ya
Drop that booty on the bed
Girl i know you are the best
I know that i can make you scream
« Oh yes i want sex »
You are on fire
There's so much desire
I want to ear say « boy take me higher »
Do it good
Take it slow
Take your time
Do your show
I wanna see the wild woman that's in you

Contacts in bio⬆
A battle that makes us stronger... Good job for the team effort, boys! Certainly a great match! #stamfordunitedfc #love #life #football #soccer #teamwork #talent #passion
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This lovely lady is booked with a national client!!! Nicole, we are so proud!! ✨❤️
A couple years back I was fortunate to get to work with this talented human, who not only kills it in front of the lens but is also an incredible creative force behind it! 📷💣Check her out @pixielevinson loving your work !! #talent #creative #photographer #model #sydney #summer

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