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Give this TRX for yoga flow a try & make sure to follow TRX black ranked pro and therapist 👉🏾@eddiefitot 💯. Spread the TRX ❤️ & support!! 🌎❤️💯
a variation of tree, standing half forward fold and lotus 💪💜🙏
dr_cofo 33m ago
Meditation comes in many forms. 9 iron, 7 iron, Driver... in this case at least.
Combine three things I love- being #outdoors, #golf and #movement.. Not a care in the world for about 105 swings.
#Barefoot to really focus on body awareness in my swing. Practicing a #strong grip and shorter back swing so I quit winding up like @pga_johndaly (sorry John, love your drink). Hopefully made my coach @joseph_bramlett proud. And caught some slo-mo of the feet so I can see where my stability issues lie (90% in my head, 10% in my right foot).
Rhomboid Relief .
This stretch serves a few purposes .
1)It helps balance out that pesky - pec minor relationship (as mentioned in my previous post).
2) It Give my Clients a nice CNS boost back into a more sympathetic state after their relaxing stretch (I don't want them falling asleep at the wheel now - do I?)
Working in tandem with a number of other stretches (such as Levator Scapula and Trap specific work) fixing the uncomfortable Rhomboids (Which are often locked long) is really important. .
Also Restoring the rotation of the Scapula within respect of the Glenohumeral Joint and
rebalancing the shoulder (within the Front Arm Net / Deep Back Arm Net and Spiral Net) in respect of the Rhomboid also helps to prevent tightness in the Traps and Levator scapular.
(Music Pinball by Elvis Herod)
Thanks to my model @the_w_at_cher_
@stretchtowininstitute @stretchtowin
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#HealByMovingDaily Episode 9 📺
This band right above the knees gives you the external feedback to constantly remind you to fire your glutes and hips to drive your knees out.
😖Knee valgus or knee collapse is a huge predisposition for injury so correct in now in a controlled setting!
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egales 40m ago
I spent the last 2 days lifting heavy things. Today, my body felt it and I’m feeling under the weather. I spent a lot of my gym time today foam rolling, doing dynamic warmups and stability/mobility exercises. Then I decided to work on my get ups. When I first watched these videos I just ripped myself a new one on how I could be better - then I remembered... self love, Erin. Don’t forget to remind yourself you’re doing great ❤️
inverted splits definitely has a piece of my heart
Bear to Bent Arm Monkey to Monkey 180, repeat.

The thing about this sesh that pumped me up the most was how quietly I was able to complete the movements.

Quiet = controlled = strong
Downward dog pose into a crow pose.

Take Your Training to the Next Level
Functional training is a type of exercise which prepares the body for various forms of activity common in our daily lives. The exercises within functional training have a high focus on the strengthening of abdominal muscles and back muscles.
Through strengthening these muscles overall, your strength and balance will create more efficient movement patterns which lead to better core strength and less injuries.

#functionalpattern #bramptonfunctionaltraining
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Nothing too impressive, some squats with a slower tempo.
Front Squats are a great way to strength the quads, upper-back and core. -
Doing slower eccentrics (lowering phase) improves the bodies chances of distributing the weight evenly between legs. In the past I’ve had one leg work much harder than the other. Though I am sure I still have hip discrepancies, squatting like this is safe for me, in the mean time.
seated wide angle with backward gaze😊
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