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So Kratom Advocate here.
I was thinking about opening a Patreon account.
I'm at a point with this page and its continued growth with such an amazing community where I feel like I need to do more. I get a number of new people dm me about kratom, I also want to get this out there in person, and a project I've had in mind for awhile now, is a kratom stock.
As in any newbies who want to try kratom for the first time, I can just give it to them for free. Or if someone is in a tight spot and can't afford kratom for two weeks or something like that, I can send them a bit to get by. Or if I come across some opiate addicts or pain sufferers I can give them some real easy if theyre interested. Kinda like a rehab but more open. Yah know? That's an idea.
So what is Patreon? Patreon is pretty much a place where you contribute by pledging a $1 or more every month for something you believe in or are a fan of. People have patreons for art, music, video production, stuff like that. I'm making one for Kratom so I can branch out and take this further. This is my passion, this is what I want to keep doing, I'd really appreciate all your support.
If this is something you'd be interested in, I will hopefully have this launched and ready for next week. Comment below what you think about this? Are you guys into something like this? Let me know!
Dr. Rob K. in Red Bank applying Rock Tape to Liz H.’s knee. This application helps to facilitate activation of her quadriceps muscles and stabilize her knee cap, allowing her to tolerate running and leg exercise better. #physicaltherapy #rehab #strapping #rocktape
Two months ago today I tore my right pec. It threw off some of my plans but I've been getting better by the day. Been going to physical therapy twice a week and I have a follow-up next week with my surgeon and I'm curious to see what he says. I still am not cleared to do any lift for chest or back or triceps which is annoying but I need to trust the process. I am very happy with how the symmetry has been coming back as far as stretching out the repairee muscle and stretched tendon. Special thanks to @ambertiffany22 for being my live-in nurse and helping me with everything 👩🏽‍⚕️#pectear #injury #rehab #recovery #surgery #misc #ruaware #fitness #fitfam #motivation #losangeles #physicaltherapy
motivny 18m ago
Prep alongside Motiv athlete @iamfranciscob and @lululemonnyc with the @nycmarathon only weeks away
Cred: @paulsta_
#MoreThanMiles #Motivmade
RepostBy @iamfranciscob: "🚨LONG RUN ALERT🚨

Join me tomorrow 10/21 at the @lululemon @lululemonnyc Flatiron Store on 5th Ave for a 15-16 mile Long Run as we count down the remaining days towards the @nycmarathon.
We will start in Flatiron towards the West Side Highway, then south along the Hudson River moving around Battery Park, up the East Side, over the Manhattan Bridge, past the Brooklyn Navy Yards, into Williamsburg, over the Williamsburg Bridge, back up along East River Park, east across 20th St., and finishing at Vinny Vincenz Pizza for post run refueling.
Meet at 8:30AM at the store.
Depart at 9:00AM.
Bag check will be available.
Limited nutrition will be available through the run. Feel free to bring your own nutrition if you prefer.
Click the link in my bio for the Facebook Event page. Send me a DM with any questions.

#MoreThanMiles 📷: @paulsta_"
FP Human Biomechanics Specialist Jose Rodriguez from @functionalpatternsspain showing how it's done. Rumor has it he is running group classes for people with herniated discs. They are working well. Yep, FP movements are the rehab when they are performed properly. It's great seeing things come together like this worldwide. Great job guys!

#functionalpatterns #gains #anatomytrains #yogi #yoga #stretch #functionaltraining #POSTURE #prehab #rehab #athlete #biomechanics #flexibility #strengthtraining #flexible #abdominals #scoliosis #kyphosis #lordosis #scoliosis
Don't let the holiday season stop you from getting the results you want!

Getting serious about your body can be tough, but we’ve spent many years making it as fun as it is challenging! Let's get started, link in the bio!
I get asked a lot to define what I do, well this is how I see what I do currently. Complicated, but exact. What is the neuromusculoskeletal system? Brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints (including the spine), ligaments, tendons, bursae, muscles and fascia - by treating all these structures the brain reacts and provides the output changes needed for pain resolution - think holistic! It’s important to remember to always consider the function of a region rather than just the pathology.
Before you spend your weeks wage on nose beers this weekend, look how that turned out for Family Feud host Grant Denyer.

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