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User Image descubra.x Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:36 AM (UTC)
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♣Marque o seu amigo que prefere jogar candy crush. Descubra... .
#viral #descubrameu #descubra #adrenalina #radical #gratidão
User Image facci3.0 Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:34 AM (UTC)

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Saldi 2018 FACCI 3.0: racchetta tennis HEAD GRAPGHENE XT RADICAL LITE manico 2 euro 179,95 -50% = euro 89,00
#facci3.0 #facci #3.0 #racchetta #tennis #head #graphene #xt #radical #lite #L2
User Image radical.print Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:12 AM (UTC)

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Von jetzt bis zum 20.01.2018 00:00 Uhr. So kannst du teilnehmen: Verlinkt eure Freunde unter diesen Post! Mehr nicht.

Gewinnen könnt ihr:
Postnazismus revisited
Das Nachleben des Nationalsozialismus im 21. Jahrhundert
Frühjahr 2012, 288 Seiten, 18€, ISBN: 978-3-86259-106-0
2., erweiterte und geänderte Auflage von “Transformation des Postnazismus. Der deutsch-österreichische Weg zum demokratischen Faschismus”
Herausgeber: Stephan Grigat
Erschienen im Ca-ira Verlag

Und los geht es :D #radicalprint #radical #siebdruck #siebdruckwerkstatt #antifa #afaction #161 #buch #lesen #grigat #gewinnspiel
User Image planetheadwraps Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:05 AM (UTC)

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That part.
Rp from @cloeykaboom , quick edit by me. .
I remember when I started #SFSU Africana Studies program- it was my first exposure to hella Black ppl talking shit about Dr. King. Im like yall need to chill with that ungrateful ass bullshit 👋, foreal. .
Lotta ppl think they're lil Kim when she said "i stand behind martin luther king// but im more like malcolm x// gorillas beatin on they chest // damn right Im malcolm x"
.. meanwhile they were both* in Ghana, March '57, for their independence day - as reps of OUR liberation movement. Both tight as hell w/ Osagyefo. As hell. Kwame Nkrumah admits studying MLKs sitins and actions and integrating them in his plan to release Ghana from the British..grasp. .
Its not a "which one" / violent or nonviolent/ segregated or integrated / typa thing. All of our kings, movements, and perspectives are essential.
Don't forget how radical and in the field Dr king was, tho. Constantly dodging assassination threats; constantly in jail; whole family constantly under threat. For US. .
Speaking of MLK & Omowale- have you ever tripped they both had hella kids. I bet everything they did was for their kids. #ZaneSpeaks #MLKday #king #radical #guerilla #ZaneSpeaks #ZaneWrites
User Image inhalepositiveness Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:00 AM (UTC)

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Jesus the Christ was litterly killed for being sinless and blameless.
There will always be Haters in this fallen world, who love to throw stones at you with cheap ignorant talk aiming to make you look little/dumb. They aim not too uplift you but aim to belittle you. Brush your shoulders off (: No worries.

So, a big shout out too all you who love to live life with a complete positive righteous OPENED MIND.♡. Yeh make living so much greater (: People Hate on Healthy. Bro satan has his grip tightly on so many souls, but he is not omnipresent (Only the Holy Ghost is) so he has his demons influencing.

I'm not bashing on the haters here, just exposing too encourage all of you to continue in sharing your passions. Share your Jesus. Share your healthy lifestyle. But if you haven't given Jesus Christ your entire life then actually don't share Him cuz you are actually sharing hypocricy and religion and that isn't Jesus. Anywho, Don't allow the hate to strip away your voice. Regain it! Haters are always going to hate, my peeps, so use the hate as fuel for your fire. Spark yourself UP! Your lifestyle needs to truly do all the talking though. God thought me that. I walk out Jesus and then I talk what I walk. Be a living testimony ♡ (; Love you. Too all my ghost followers, I Love you too

#RealTalk #Sober #Healthy #Radical #PlantBase #Vegan #PlantBaseDiet #Passion #Lifestyle #Health #HolyGhost #Energy #Love #Purity #DoYouDontHate #DoJesusChrist #Holy #Fit #Temple
User Image dannnyfab Posted: Jan 16, 2018 10:52 AM (UTC)

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So Mr President has not housed his citizenry when some peoples abode is under various bridges and it's a matter of urgency as to where castles reside
Mr President??? Ayam not understanding
FG summons the US envoy 😂 on shithole comments 😂 emphasis summons 😂 summons #BuharisummonsTrump it's not a shithole I'm sorry it's a cow colony

Lemme come and be going
if Nigeria were such Giant of Africa
We'd have a national idea on what the Nigerian dream is
so far it is to leave the country for greener pastures though our flag is green
#radical #nigerian #news

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