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Got asked by a friend to come check out his new gym thanks for the workout today and good luck we will work out together again in the near future 🙏 p.s thanks for the bananas 🍌😂#tricepsworkout #gymtime #2017 #nz #feelingood#preworkout #recovery #bananas#adidas
Fantastic pier, but a bit of sun makes everything look better!
The sun didn't shine all weekend but yay, the Xmas flower 🌺 is out in Auckland #pohutukawa #xmasflowers#nz#red#colourful#nzonly
This photo was taken in March this year for a @lululemonakl goal crusher series. *
My goal was to impact beautiful women with my work, by empowering & supporting them to build their businesses.
Through doing that, My income goal was to make $100,000 in my business this year.
To be honest... I didn’t think I would do it.
I was nervous, unsure & lacked the real belief that it was possible.
You know, that belief in your bones...when you just KNOW you can make something happen.
Yeah, I didn’t have that!
That said, after one of the most amazing, scariest, uncertain & expanding years of my life...travelling the world for 1/2 of the year...
I am so proud to say that Conscious Boss LTD is now A multiple 6 figure business.
Yep... from $20K —�>(over) $200K in less than a year.
DOUBLE what I thought I would, could do.
It was this time in March, on my way to Australia.. like I am today- I had just had my biggest ever month, and my first $20,000 month.
Since then every month has been a 5 figure month.
Here I am again, at the airport about to go to Australia, and I’ve just had my biggest ever month, this time with a 3 in front of it.
I share this because:
A) I am actually proud as hell I made this happen.
B) I want you to know you GET to stretch your idea of possible In your own life.
C) I want you to know I am NOT stopping ... in fact I am really only just at the beginning.
D) I have ONE spot left for Conscious Boss Bootcamp where I will be your coach for 6 months while WE launch your life, business & community ( link to apply in my bio)
E) Talking about money shouldn’t be taboo.. and the fact that it is is probably why so many people struggle with it so much.
Whatever you’re working on... keep working. Keep going. The magic will follow ⚡️💥✨
Lunch at home👩🏻‍🍳🥗
오늘은 뉴질랜드 공휴일이라 점심은 집에서
밖에 비가 예쁘예쁘게 내려💦☔️
#nz #brunch #lunch #homecook #healthyfood #브런치 #내가요리사 #신혼부부 #럽스타그램 #국제부부
Cutest sight to creep up behind 🍃
Father, daughter moments ❤️

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