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User Image tenthmoonmothercare Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:51 AM (UTC)
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I'm BEYOND excited to share that our Tenth Moon Mama + Baby postpartum care package will be featured on CBC's The Goods @cbcthegoods, on Monday Nov. 20th, as part of their holiday gift-giving segment! We sent this package to Goods host Jessi Cruickshank @jessicruickshank after she gave birth to her twins and I'm elated and grateful she loved it so much she's sharing it with Canada. #friyay 🙌🏼💕 This is huge for me personally, as the founder of this small business, but even more importantly, this is huge for US: For mothers and all childbearing folks. This is maternal well-being in the spotlight. This is honouring the remarkable thing that we do. This is our very own tradition of new mother care, growing its roots.
Maternal wellness is the heart and soul of Tenth Moon, and those of you who know me know that this has always been about something bigger than the tangible items inside the box. I hope that shines through to everyone who connects with Tenth Moon.
If you're a mom-to-be or know a mom-to-be I encourage you to put a Tenth Moon package at the top of your registry wish list, because your wellness MATTERS. It matters for you. It matters for your family. And it especially matters for your sweet, squishy newborn, who will expect nothing less than everything you have to give and more. It is so important to refill your own cup, Mama. And I hope that in some small way, I can help you do that. - Lindsay xx
#tenthmoonmamas #becausemothersmatter #thegoods #cbc #birth #motherhood #maternalhealth #thefutureisfemale #shepersisted
User Image oye.chivata Posted: Nov 18, 2017 2:00 AM (UTC)
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EN STOCK para el producto que elijas!!
💓Cestos para juguetes y más!! Hace tu pedido!!
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User Image little.afia Posted: Nov 18, 2017 2:00 AM (UTC)
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Cantekkkk kan matching BARUUUU nih???
👶👪👶👪👶👪👶👪👶👪👶 Ramai MAMA yg tgh online tengah pilih design BEDUNG BABY nihhhh.. Lambat 5 minit pon boleh SOLD OUT taw! 😅😅😅 Jgn tunggu tunggu.

Joom WASAP akak utk dapatkan FREE POSTAGE!! ⚘😍⚘😍⚘😍⚘😍 ↘️ PERNAH beli kain BEDUNG BABY, tapi kecikkkk sangat nak bedung??? ↘️ PERNAH beli kain BEDUNG BABY, tapi nipissss sangat nak bedung??? ↘️ Mahal-mahal beli untuk sekeping kan???? ↘️ Kawan baik bakal jadi "PARENT", takder idea nak bagi HADIAH APER??? ↘️ Member DAH JADI IBU, tapi tak sempat nak MELAWAT baby comel dier??? 😥🤗😥🤗😥🤗 ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ mehhh wasap kami untuk BEDUNG KAPAS KHAS hanya di LittleAfia,

Dari kami, untuk bayi anda!!! PAKEJ BERKEMBAR dengan packaging menarik!! 😍😍😍😍 Sesuaiii untuk diri sendiri mahupun dijadikan HADIAH buat sahabat tersayang!! 😍😎🤗 📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲

Di LittleAfia, WE CARE as a mother!!
⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘🌷 📲

#littleafia #muslinswaddlemurah #muslinswaddlemalaysia #barangbaby #bedungcomel #bedungbabymurah #bedungbaby #prelovedmalaysia #tilamkekabuasli #strollermurah #bazaarpaknil #babystuff #barutbaby #bedung #strollercover #burpcloth #babygirl #babyboy #cartersmurah #breastpumpmurah #nursingcovermalaysia #lampinmurah #lampincorak #nursingcover #newborn #keperluanbaby #swaddleblanket #swaddlecorakmurah #swaddlememalaysia
[14% OFF] Fiffy Assorted Infant Suit Bundle Set at only RM33 for 3 Set (NP: RM38.70 / 3 Set)!
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User Image onlinejualmurah Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:59 AM (UTC)
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ITS HAPPENING NOW! =============######============= 》》》Cara order/belian : Screenshot pakej/set yg minat & terus Whatsapp K.dee. 011-26717267 atau :

Boleh klik pd link wasap ni :

Boleh juga lawati FB Page kami di :

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User Image thebirthhour Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:58 AM (UTC)
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“I never get tired of watching women tap into this raw power. Six minutes before meeting her baby, one hour after arriving at the hospital. 3:17 am.” - words and 📷@austinbirthphotos
User Image millifox Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:57 AM (UTC)
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How much of yourself are you able to give?
For years before I had Rosen, I was shutting down and shutting people out. I felt I needed to conserve all of myself for fear of being depleted. I didn’t answer the phone when people called and only called back when I 100% felt up to it. I was especially not interested informing my new friendships.
I’ve been emotionally taxed in life. I’ve been through traumas and I’ve been deeply betrayed. I have trust issues.
I’ve also been healing.

Becoming a mother has been the most healing, and reflective thing I’ve ever done.
Having a baby, who is so innocent and pure- and yet demands EVERYTHING of you can really do a number on you (obviously). You know you can’t get mad at this little being for wanting so much of you- that’s what they’re programmed for.
The past 8 months has given me a new perspective.
Every person in your life is essentially doing the same thing as a crying baby- bidding for your attention- they just do it in really cryptic, layered and sometimes backwards ways. I can see that now, most of the time when people bid for your attention they’re just asking- do you have time for me? Do you like me? Do you care about me? Do you love me?

There are so many ways to respond to those around us, and it’s so hard to be kind and giving of ourselves all the time. But now that I have this incredible, beautiful little soul, for some reason I just have a bit more compassion and a bit more consciousness about how I can give more, love more, care more.
Maybe I have less time, less mental space to be as thoughtful as I could have been before- but I finally feel I have more of myself to offer. More depth of love to give.
I don’t feel like I’m guarding my dwindling resources of energy and my emotional capacity to give of myself anymore. I feel like I have strong boundaries and within those my love and compassion are becoming more and more plentiful.
I guess it’s kind of hard to explain- but I hope I’ve gotten it across at least partially.
Can you relate?
User Image draleticiapediatra Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:58 AM (UTC)
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🔊O #colostro é o primeiro leite produzido pela mãe caracterizado por ser mais amarelado e espesso que o leite maduro. ➡ Rico em proteínas, gorduras essenciais, #anticorpos e glóbulos brancos, #vitaminaA, fatores de crescimento que preparam o intestino para receber o #leitemaduro e ser melhor absorvido e tem efeito laxante à medida que ajuda eliminar o #meconio.
➡ Confere #imunidade aos #recemnascidos ➡ Rapidamente digerido o que faz com que o #bebe mame com mais freqüência 😉
#draleticiapediatra #draleticiamullich #pediatriacomamor #pediatriaporamor #coisasdepediatra #babyborn #newborn #amamentacao #colostro #leitematerno #leitefraconaoexiste

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