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Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than with my love! I’m so blessed to be with you babe! Cheers to another year around the sun! 🍰🥂 #monterey #birthdaytrip
I think I found the man I want to grow old with. The man I'll pretend I don't know so I can kick him out of my room so I can take a nap. The man who will try to help me remember by telling me stories about how we got married on the swings when we were like 18. The man who has put up with all my mood swings and emotional life. I couldn't imagine this journey with anyone else. You are more than my rock, my shoulder, my pain in the ass. You are my everything. I love you bebe, foreverrrrr!

#MyLoveStory #goals #LoveOfMyLife #forever #MyEverything #PainInMyAss #silly #GrowOldWithMe #iLoveYou #BoyfriendAppreciationPost #SomeoneSpecialSunday
sdz_n 5h ago
Four years with the love of all my lives ❤️😘 #2110 #love
Disudut hatimu mgkin pernah terbesit pertanyaan konyol,,
Apa tangan ini akan menggenggam tanganmu selamanya?
Apa bibir ini akan tersenyum untukmu selamanya?atau pelukan ini akan ku berikan kpadamu selamanya?apa hati ini akan selalu mencintaimu?

Jika kau sudah mengetahui jawabannya..
Untuk apa kau tanyakan ,&untuk apa ku jawab.. ^_^

Not a single person in this world that can make this Man smile like she can! 😁 #mylovestory

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