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Ventured out in public finally! When you need groceries but can’t walk more than a block...
Equilibrio físico = Equilibrio emocional.

Todos tenemos las llaves para todas nuestras puertas, algunos tememos algunas puertas otros pierden la llaves a otros les acomoda quedarse solo en una habitación.

Physical balance = Emotional balance.
We all hold the keys to every door within ourselves, some of us fear some doors, other lose their keys and others are just comfortable in just one room.
Dynamic effort lower body
Great catch up with @apmhearn we tested out the @squatsandscience And the @trainwithpush for squats with 55% bar weight and 25% band tension (24 lifts in total, excluding warm up) and as you can imagine both have different sets of data, with similar trends when looking at rest intervals and potentiation that Adam will project on his page @apmhearn (<- follow him)
As you can imagine, velocity based training provides a great way to train with intent. A usual session will become stagnant around set five and with no real indication of real speed and I do believe there is a difference in perceiving speed and being (feeling) fast. .
Why is this important? A dynamic based training system works in the gym theres, no doubt about it and the basis of what @westsidebarbellofficial say and do is very much a great platform to train upon, done correctly. .
I was able to implement this type of training with @matcookcoaching this year and looking back at training plans we accomplished amazing results in terms of velocity ⬆️ and strength ⬆️. .
Tools that measure velocity in the gym can now be bought cheaper than in the past and (some) could be very manageable in a team setting. Never the less, intent in beating the clock can be done with a stop watch. .
Looking forward to see the data and a better comparison of the two, we just need @beastsensor now for a better comparison.
🏋🏻📸 @henrylowther .
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Grab yourself a pole and give this a go. 👍🏼 Before any workout it's paramount that you warm your body up 🔥and prepare it for the work load it's about to endure.
This was prior to a push/pull session so my aim was to focus on shoulders, chest and back.
Spend 5-10 mins completing these movements before any upper body session and I dare you not to feel the benefits.
Tag someone and GIVE IT A GO!
Upon request, here’s my daily hip opener routine (shortened)
Some of us wake after 8 hours sleep then go sit for another 8 hours at work, get home, sit down and watch tele and then back to bed for another 8 hours 😂 what a crazy cycle hey!!
A daily mobility routine is essential, make sure you open those hips up guys. Upper body to follow 💪🏻

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⛓Alignment is the study of the interrelationship between body parts, and between those parts and the ground. Foot and body position change the various loads AND forces generated within the body.
⚖️Alignment in the context of our body is often confused with one “fixed” posture, but correct human alignment does not imply that there is one body position that we should be using all the time. Feet shifting inward (pronate) or outward (supination) could be helpful and are relative to the individual. It is the over pronation or supination which can begin to cause problems with our alignment and cause a shift in the knees, pelvis and hip bones.
#PepInYourStep 👣

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Could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Come on out and get reset to hit the rest of your week full force. #yoga #mobility #SCC #recovery #crossfit #bodymaintenance #it'sforeveryone #takecareofyourself
I promise I filmed my first Pilates video for you all but annoyingly Instagram won’t let me upload any video over one minute long so here is a photo of me pre Pilates practice. ✨🌈 The video will hopefully be up on my Facebook page this evening. Happy Tuesday beautiful people! ☺️
There are a lot of different structures that can cause pain. Just because a certain part of your body is hurting, doesn't mean it could only be attributed to one thing. Shoulder pain isn't always a rotator cuff tear, low back pain isn't always a bulged disc, and hamstring pain isn't always a strained muscle.⠀

It's great that the athletic community has a set level of knowledge as this allows people to roll, smash, and floss, but it's still important to have your pain assessed by a qualified healthcare professional so that you can approach your pain with appropriate therapies.⠀

Suffering in pain and want to resolve it? Click the link in our bio to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, or contact us directly to book an appointment.⠀

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(Part 2/3)

I finally got the OK after intensive physical therapy & acupuncture & chiropractic work & massage (we're talking thousands of dollars of treatment over the span of 5+ months), & I slowly eased back into yoga.

But then my mid-back kept going out despite my (I thought) regained health. My family chiropractor warned me that my thoracic spine was straightening & stiff, & that I should probably reconsider how much yoga I was doing.

So what did I do? I got offended and ignored her. I was convinced that yoga KEEPS you from getting hurt if you "do it right." And I actually assumed the problem was that my alignment was off, so I practiced even more diligently.

...And then my sacroiliac took a plunge. Pigeon, my favorite pose, became my worst nightmare. Lizard made my low back & pelvic area sear with pain. Even low lunges made me dizzy.

I finally succumbed when the pain became too great to ignore. It obviously wasn't going away, no matter how "well" I did the postures. At that point, I had to back off of most of my practice or change it.

I was ashamed to tell instructors I had to modify. I was embarrassed to do "easier" poses than what other people in class were doing. I felt like a failure.

But I slowly began to realize my body didn't need yoga anymore. It desperately needed HEALTH.
This is legit one of my absolute favourite upper body stretches. With overdeveloped pectorals and weak backs, we tend to slouch forward more - over the phone, tablet, computer, steering wheel, dinner plate, etc.. This stretch does wonders to counterbalance all the slouching and you don't even need any equipment other than a yoga or gym mat, though if you have a carpeted floor, you might not even need to use a mat.

PHYSIO YOGA is perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a movement class that complements their current physio regime.
In this class we will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises, restorative postures, and dynamic movement to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind.
Everybody is welcome to practice yoga in this supportive environment. No yoga experience is required.

4-week group series starts November - $80 for 4 weeks of 60 min classes.
1-on-1 sessions, semi-private and small groups are booked a la carte - DM for more details.

Location: @manualworks
Mat: @byoganow - use code: AMB20AAYME for 20% off
Outfit: @lululemon
#kinstretch master @joelavapt rocking some shoulder CARs, a mobility staple we've learned from him, in a BAC t-shirt. We love you back, Joe!! See below for a few great tips he included in his post.
#Repost @joelavapt (@get_repost)
🦋 Shoulder CARs 🦋
After long weeks of travel on ✈🚗🚈 I like to challenge CARs with different base positions
I like the Butterfly position for shoulder CARs since it allows me to increase irradiation and better control my trunk position throughout the entire motion
Try adding obstacles to be sure you are getting the same ROM everytime seen here with the barbell

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