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macroe 3h ago
/ wind was blowing, time stood still /
.a little of the old ultra violence / singing in the rain cat lady silenced / ticking clockwork changed defiant / behaviour modified now compliant // these birds of rarest spun heaven metal / silvery wine flowing spaceship tempo / colours of the real world in videos / seems simple taken back tempered mental // this cruel filthy world is hard to let go / a creature of growth capable combo / the sweetness oozing right from the temple / centuries of bad brains worshiping devils // grotesque acts self abasement clearly seen / eating up all the oranges of dreams / finding containment arranging the scenes / blinding derangement invading like seas // milk plus sharpening up reality / the extreme pleasure resonates in me / displaying the means of a killing spree / conveying the peace that I can't set free // the torture is unbecoming really / contorting bodies distorting the screen / majority margins deplorably / revealing exactly what's in my genes.
I've washed away all of New York and I'm entering Los Angeles life.
Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life 💭
Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay at dusk 🏬
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