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Here are a few new pieces from the weekend, out of my daily sketch card show on fb live and on my youtube channel.
Comics are as much a passion for me as social media and internet marketing, which I hold expertise and business in both industries.

I do this card series because of my fans requesting to see it keep going but I originally started it for two reasons in the beginning.
The first was to keep a promise to my baby sister that passed from cancer a couple of years ago. See, I don't make promises I don't keep...ever. That promise was I would turn the spotlight I shine on my clients for making them a household name in their given field on myself and do what I do, which is share and help people meet their dreams.
This series was my stepping into the light and getting out of being the man behind the curtain. It is the process I have seen a million times with EVERY client and student I've worked is the starting point, the beginning.
The second point was to bring awareness to the comic book industry in a positive light, while sharing the struggles we all have to go through on the whole. There is a monopoly in distribution that restricts and blocks independent creators from reaching your local comic shops.
There are crowd funding platform abusers that buy comics as false direct sales and because they platforms get their fees, they don't stop the problem, as they keep getting paid.
Same of subscription services now cheating digital comic platform processes because they give away book selections and steal rights in fine print without sharing any of those profits with the publishers.
Where does that bring us today and this post?
I am sharing my promise that I gave my sister, to you now. The content I bring crosses two target niches of comics and social media positioning and internet marketing. It is to bring trusted and real best practices to both niche industries for those that want to see how this all works for anyone, not just those few lucky by chance people.
If you want to bring your dreams to reality, start with the largest step possible in your journey....produce. Don't wait another moment, simply produce. That's where it begins.
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Over the weekend both @marktwainbutstupid and @stay_puff_1983 tagged me for #spidermansaturday, and since Marvel Team-Up was basically just another Spidey title, here's the October 1975 issue featuring The Avenger's Beast and The Griffin (who would appear in a later issue of Marvel Team-Up, which would have Spider-Man teamed up with another Avenger, Wonder Man).
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