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@please_notes creates inspirational materials to get you moving on your life's mission & purpose 🙌🏾✨

Why PleaseNotes? "I've always struggled with my own self esteem, and I doubt if anyone who knows me would say so. I was always the outgoing one, the funny one, the playful one. I was so used to being what I thought other people needed from me, that I lost who I was. •
I did a ton of reading, journaling and working with affirmations. What I realized is what lit me up was when people got it. That they deserved and could create a different life then the one they had. So I put all the tools I used and created goods that would allow people to do the same work that I had done, and in a easy, fun, relatable way."

Visit @please_notes on IG or to find the materials you need to inspire your life and mission on and off the page. 🙌🏾
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Thank you to everyone who supported The Revolving Wardrobe Market yesterday. Whether you came to say gday, shopped up a storm, or purely to grab some hangover food, thanks for getting around this great day. A shout out to @josvowles and @ilzeanna for having us again and for putting on another awesome market. Already looking forward to the next one! 😁
Maybe you can get my #idea but not its #market and #art , you just piece of #shit
Now.. Don't waste #time on things that are not important. I just need to stay #focus at my #business InsyaAllah... 🙏🙏
A cat at the Gold Souk in Bahrain 🇧🇭 during the call to prayer. #placetime

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