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User Image alifewelllived_ Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:19 PM (UTC)
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Y’all it is a freaking BLIZZARD out there today. Thankfully, I was able to leave work early and finish up at my home away from home @pennyscoffee_ ☕️🌨 Work isn’t so bad when I’m doing it here 💕
JUST FOUR PUPS MODELS! This was a very hard decision because I had so MANY cute pups enter!! If I didn’t choose you don’t be discouraged, we will have another model search when their term is up! Give them a follow, they have discount codes for our shop ❤️ .
#shopsmall #localshop #dogbandana #justfourpups #smallbiz #handmade #custommade #madeinamerica #smallbizpets #businesswoman #etsyseller #modelsearch #contest
#handcrafted #makersgonnamake #craftsposure #supportsmallbusiness #girlboss #crafts #supporthandmade #shophandmade #shoplocal
User Image grownintotnes Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:16 PM (UTC)

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Why not try oat groats as a rice substitute? Or mix some oat groats into your rice. Repost from @jen.koo - Saffron infused basmati rice and locally grown whole oat groats.
Added a nutty texture to the plain rice 💚. #ricelover
User Image karma_koffee Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:13 PM (UTC)
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It’s a snowy slushy day here in #Omaha ... stay #warm and #dry today. We’re open till 4:00pm so if you get out and brave the elements, make your way to #karmakoffee! We’ll hand craft your favorite drink.. coffee, tea, hot chocolate..YOU name it! #miracleblend #localshop #sparkle #goodvibes #snowday #slush #muglife
User Image sohiepaperie Posted: Jan 22, 2018 7:58 PM (UTC)

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Remington and I are all fired up about me starting my last semester of school today! 😍🙌 What’s got you fired up this week? Tell me below!
Traditional Pad Thai (Most Popular Thai Noodles)😋🍝🐥
Oh so good 😊
Happy Monday 💛
Think of Thai food, Think of Thai Station. ^_~🐥
Made order by order. ☎️Call us at 613-663-6144 to order for take out in advance. #nepean #barrhaven #ottawa #thaistation #localshop #yummy #thaifood #padthai #padthailover
User Image Posted: Jan 22, 2018 7:25 PM (UTC)

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#ZZ數字衛衣 / 永不過時既衛衣款💙一笠就出得街~簡簡單單唔洗煩點襯☺️內有絨毛保暖一流~~數字係刺繡不是gapgap印上去架💓衛衣屬厚實款來貨都會貴啲啲😢但絕對值得入手!!🔥
🔹寶藍拼白字 / 純白拼紅字
🔸衣長63 胸圍116 (oversize)
☕️ New Arrival ☕️
Willett Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

A Big, Dark, and Scary Barrel-Aged Beast

Our friends over at Kentucky’s own Willett Distillery have one kind of barrel: wood. And they put two things in them: Bourbon and Rye. We were fortunate enough to get some of their Rye barrels, and we put our Imperial Stout in them. It’s a chocolatey, coffee-y, smoky, Bourbon-y beast of a barrel-aged thing. Word.
❄️ Snow Day Arrival ❄️

Aged for up to 12 months in whiskey barrels, our signature Cherry Stout evolves into something even more flavorful and complex. Notes of oak, vanilla and dark chocolate are intertwined with tart Michigan cherries in a stout that seduces the palate.
Talk about a Breakfast Beer

Inspired by refreshing Iced Coffee. Roasted coffee beans, milk sugar, hints of chocolate and toasted malt. Made with Muddy Dog Sumatran Coffee.
Friday VIBEZ

Our cult-classic beast of a barleywine.

Bigfoot is a beast of a beer, brimming with bold flavors of bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. First introduced in the winter of 1983, Bigfoot is a cult-classic beer brewed in the barleywine style, meaning a strong, robust, bruiser of a beer with the refined intensity of a wine. Bigfoot is prized by beer collectors for its supreme cellarability. Under the proper conditions, it can age like a fine wine, developing new flavors and character as it matures in the bottle. Each new release or “expedition” is vintage dated. Collect your own and see the flavors develop and progress.
MondaZe- When you can’t decide on more Coffee or to just start drinking Beer?! @eviltwinbrewing // @omnipollo has you Covered 👌🏽
🍻☕️ COFFENADE☕️🍻 •

A refreshing drink often associated with child nostalgia to others a pop-cultural symbol of female emancipation. Whatever the association we teamed up with two Swedes, Henok and Karl of Omnipollo to squeeze out a tasty, tempting and deceivingly well balanced IPA with sweet and sour notes of old-fashioned memories. This time around we added coffee and twist of well designed ideas by Martin Justesen.
User Image thefloralfixx Posted: Jan 22, 2018 7:06 PM (UTC)
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Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend! It was an unforgettable time, and we can’t wait to sit down and discussing ideas with all the incredible people we met over the past 2 days. @wonderfulweddingshow
User Image nestorbarsllc Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:44 PM (UTC)

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NESTORBARS / Canadian friends maximizing these EFFECTIVE multi purpose utility tools for greater EFFICIENTCY. Mississauga Hardware is keeping their tradesman loaded with the most up to date tools in the industry. A great store with customers like @hardcorerenos and @creatixcontracting providing knowledge, leadership and friendship within the contracting world. @mississaugahardwarecentre #nestorbars #hardwarestore #localshop #diy #hgtv#toolsofthetrade #lifting #ups #selectivedemolition #demolition #prybars #ontario #craftsman #keepcraftalive #somethingnew #barn #reclaimingmytime #
User Image justfourpups Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:37 PM (UTC)

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User Image comicbookjones Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:32 PM (UTC)

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Did you enjoy #CullenBunn's #Venomverse? Are you enjoying his #XMenBlue run? Well #PoisonX is the next chapter in the Venomverse story crossing over between X-Men Blue and Venom! Part 1 of Poison-X begins in X-Men Blue Annual #1 dropping January 24th. So make sure these titles are on your pull list so you don't miss an issue of this story that's sure to fly off the shelf fast! Just add "X-Men Blue" and "Venom" or simply "Poison-X Issues" to your pull list at Comic Book Jones!

And keep your eyes peeled for Venomized #1 which will conclude the Venomverse story!
Lastly for extra Credit make sure you read the Monsters Unleashed story "And Lo There Came... A POISON!" in issues 7-8 to discover Kid Kaiju's ties to the Poisons from Venomverse!
So much #Venom! It's infectious!

#marvel #xmen #comics #newcomics #localshop

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