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User Image standforlifemovement Posted: Mar 21, 2018 8:28 PM (UTC)

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"Dear Jackson. You are so very loved and have brought so much joy to our lives! Today the world celebrates people who were born with a little extra DNA, which we like to call the #joychromosome.

You have taught me so very much about contentment, which battles are worth fighting for and how to love without boundaries. Your fierce compassion comes from deep within your soul and when a friend is sad, you feel all the feels. 💙💛

You are the first to give a hug, flash a smile and try to mend all wounds. Our dance parties are a little bit louder because you are who you are and my heart bursts at the seams with all my love for you. The world is a more magical place because you are in it, Jackson May and I'm so very proud to call you mine.

Today, we shout your worth from the rooftops because at the end of the day, we are more alike than different.

I believe incredible things for you, just like I do for your sisters. Maybe you will compose music one day! Or be a fancy photographer! Or open up your own ice cream shop 🤗 Jax, I'm for you. I'm your number one fan. I'm running behind you, shouting, ‘You got this!!’ 💪🏻

Our family is, indeed, among #theluckyfew because we have a front row seat to all your awesomeness.” - @micamay, Founder and Ceo of @maydesigns #letterstojax #downsyndrome #worlddownsyndromeday
User Image valenteen_love_official Posted: Mar 21, 2018 7:36 PM (UTC)

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Everything n this world is connected! Everything needs something else to prosper n survive.!! Be n touch with ur energy n gain knowledge on what we r connected to! Learn to Love n Respect #motherearth 🌎 We only have one.! I felt the need to post this particular photo on this particular day because waking up to a snow storm on the second day of Spring is obviously no good! N people need to stop IGNORING things like this n learn to respect our environment before it all gets wiped clean.!! This shit is not “ok”.!! But pls heed to this mesg! N enjoy this beautiful photo of Love n art that reflects for me, again, me being n touch with all the things we r connected to! #loveurearth #keepurthirdeyeopen #respectmothernatureandhercreation #loveentity #model #multitalented #artist #lifeislove #energy #stayopen #stayconnected #stayconcious As always @rahim_vizion144 @rahim_vizion on the photo with more to come.!! Thanks again King! Ur the best.!! #photoshoot #photography #RahI’mVizion #myguardianangel #Kingnhisbestform #madenGodsimage 💜🙏🏾🙌🏾💯🌎❄️
User Image standforlifemovement Posted: Mar 21, 2018 5:38 PM (UTC)

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“Nine years ago, a little bundle of love, one with an extra dose of chromosome 21, was born into our lives, and I am now acutely aware of things like #WorldDownSyndromeDay.

When Jackson was born, I felt as though someone delivered a “Welcome Home, Baby!” basket complete with a cozy swaddle blanket, some adorable booties, and then they snuck in an index card listing out all the potential obstacles he might encounter. Physical abilities. Mental abilities. Life expectancy. And he was just two days old.

I wonder what would have been on MY index card?! Perhaps something like, “Mica will be miserably bad at basic math, she won’t make the cheerleading squad, she will have a 2.6 GPA from college, the list could go on. Oh, how tempting it would have been for my Mom to have put me in extra tutoring, extra tumbling, so maybe, just maybe, the limitations spoken about on my card wouldn’t come true . . .

I believe that I am who I am today because Mom and everyone around me believed the best for me and never put any limitations on my abilities.

On this special day, I celebrate the incredible qualities that I see when I look at my Jackson. His fancy dance moves. His 10,000 watt smile that dares you noot to smile back. And obviously, his impeccable style.” - @micamay, Founder and CEO @maydesigns
User Image sexxysinglemom Posted: Mar 21, 2018 3:38 PM (UTC)
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THIS SUNDAY @empress_charm 9th annual #EarlyEasterFamilyFunDay.. March 25th, 2018 at John Prince Park.. from 12noon-7pm Sharp!! It's a family event so bring the kids for a day of food 🍔🍟🍗🍕🌭🌮🌯🥙, fun 🎡🎢🎪🛴 and festivities. There will be give aways for the kids, and the grown ups too!! #fundaywhen #funday #blessed #sunday #family #fun #togetherness #love #lifeislove #thankyou #god #love.#instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #tbt.
User Image standforlifemovement Posted: Mar 21, 2018 3:20 PM (UTC)

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Today is #worlddownsyndromeday! We're celebrating our friends born with an extra chromosome - and a little bit of extra love to give the world.

Our hope for you is this : See the world in a different way. Ask questions. Love the people you meet today. Celebrate differences. Make friends with one person that looks different than you do. After all, we're all made in the Image of God and all have stories that can change the world.

We'll be sharing @micamay from @maydesigns and her sweet Jackson’s story later today - stay tuned. 🎉

Who are you celebrating today? Tag them in the comments below 👇🏼

#theluckyfew #wouldntchangeathing #nothingdownaboutit #shouttheirworth
User Image marywithcamera Posted: Mar 21, 2018 2:20 PM (UTC)
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I can't remember such a long winter in Poland as we have now. It's already the second half of March, but once I look out my window, all the plants are covered with smooth, white coat
#winter #mountains #skiing #poland #zakopane #hiking #milletriseup #thenorthface #przegladinstagrama #allwhatsbeautiful #lifeislove #exclusive_europe
User Image lolastefan0515 Posted: Mar 21, 2018 2:11 PM (UTC)
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Happy Mother’s Day!!! Love you, mummy @krutaval ! У меня больше не осталось несбывшихся желаний, пусть сбудутся все твои!!! #оскар #boy #mylove #lifeislove #happymothersday #поздравляем #люблю 💖❤️💋🌟🍀🎈
User Image about_sophiii Posted: Mar 21, 2018 1:44 PM (UTC)

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User Image corey_taylor_1989 Posted: Mar 21, 2018 1:20 PM (UTC)

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I wasnt going to post, i wanted to keep it in, but now its more than just what i think or what these last two days bring up with me, to me this day reminds me of what can come from tragedy, 2 years ago i and a fair few other lost their best mate, and the world another angel, but the legacy he left through donation is still alive yet alone the recipients that received vital organs to revitalise their life. The main point i want to get across is you can have the talk with your loved ones, let them know your intentions, and if it sways you, sign on to the organ donation register and help give life once you've gave it all. In the movement that has been global and a house hold statement #doajamie
#organdonation #ariseangel #legendsonearth #guardianangel #bestfriend #lifeislove
Life is too deep for words.... So don't try to describe it , just live it 😎😎💕💕💕
#mood #lifeislove #pyaar #tashan

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