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User Image ironmanbloggen Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:55 AM (UTC)

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Tränar armgång på nya #malkarscity, passar mig som handen i handsken👌💪 Trying out the new gym in malkars city #kalmar, must keep my strenght up✊🏼 #ironmankalmar #ironmantraining #ironman2018
User Image soshydrationau Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:45 AM (UTC)

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Thirsty?! #DrinkSOS! #Best for #Hydration 💦🆘! 📷🔥 @runner_reisman
👀 Look at all the #amazing 👦👧🏽👩🏼👨🏾👨👧🏼👩 using @SOSHydrationau! 🆘!
Team Inspire’s training this weekend is brought to you by the letter E for endurance. Huge swim run session tomorrow followed by an endurance swim bike run brick on Sunday with the Bayside crew. 5 months to IM Australia. What’s everyone else up to this weekend? #training #strength #fitness #swim #bike #run #ironmantraining #roadtoportmac #endurance #athlete #triathlon #triathlete #teaminspire @inspire_athletic @ironmantri @ironmanoceania
User Image chelsie_tris Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:34 AM (UTC)

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Yeah, I’m a hot mess this week, but I hit 3x12min intervals as my main set at about a 6:43 pace or so. That last one was hard! The great thing about doing hard things is that it gets a little mentally easier to do the hard things. 🤷🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
User Image trudy_tri_run Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:34 AM (UTC)
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45mins trainer with FTP efforts up to 140% and 6km run off the bike. Well that’s what it was meant to be but my FTP was so much higher on the kickr so it looks like I smashed it 😂😂 that’s why you don’t compare to others as it depends on the trainer you have. Also today we said farewell to our couch so our living room is a true paincave. We have become triathlon 🤓 #cycling #triathlete #triathlon #tri365 #ironmantraining #swimbikerun #triathlontraining #ironmantriathlon #garminau #sockdoping #ironmantri #trilife #cycle #cyclist #teamairofin #3athlonlife #wymtm #triedgecoaching #allworldathlete #RSArsenal #shakethedust #ridgesupply #teamTri365 #teamaquasphere
User Image johannalahikainen Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:31 AM (UTC)

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User Image min_resa_ironman2018 Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:30 AM (UTC)

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During 2018, I will focus more on what I eat. It's 29 weeks to Ironman Kalmar and my goal is to lose 29 kg until then. Every Friday I will post last week's results starting today. In future there will also be some posts of food at this insta. This week I lost 2.9 kg.
#ironman #ironmankalmar #ironmantraining #tritraining #triathlon #swimbikerun #weightloss
User Image adrianofisio1 Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:29 AM (UTC)
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Bom dia
Não tem mistério!
Paciente que realmente quer melhorar, é só seguir o recomendado ( isso serve para planilha/ orientação/ exercício) .
Obrigado por toda disciplina @luvarga , com essa união a resposta sempre será positiva. #Repost @luvarga (@get_repost)
Uma etapa de cada vez...essa lesão está sendo um aprendizado para mim: de controle de ansiedade, de respeitar e conhecer meu corpo, de ter disciplina no que recomenda meu fisio (melhor do mundo @adrianofisio1 ), enfim, de vida! Hoje foi o teste na esteira, corrida bem básica, 5km, pace confortável e o melhor: sem dor! E, assim, devagar mas consciente, vou chegando lá!! Feliz!! 🙏😊🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
Tired from the overnighter but how could I resist squeezing in a little swim workout when the weather is this good? #perthisok
🇬🇺 “The voice of the sea is seductive; never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander for a spell in abysses of solitude; to lose itself in mazes of inward contemplation. The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.” -From The Awakening by Kate Chopin

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