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In my belly,
I have found a spark.
It nurtures,
it warms,
it bleeds,
it dissolves.
It digests,
It conceives,
it births,
it protects.

slowly I am fanning it.
Blowing gently into its glow,
watching its breathing power grow.
This flame is the gnosis mystics have spoken of.
#woman #fire #power #healing
Good morning!
Today's card is Good Will - Goddess Gaia and Ocean Jasper from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Cards by @alana_fairchild.
Goddess Gaia says: "We bring you the empowerment of good will. There is a type of spiritual power you can co-create which benefits and protects you whilst mutually empowering others to take their journey and experience divine success. "This spiritual power known as good will, is generated by how you feel inside and the attitude you cultivate towards others. When you know you have value, it is easy to recognise the value in another. When you feel encouraged by the Universe, it is easy to encourage others. As you put out support, encouragement and good will for the success of all beings, this energy is amplified and returned to you." Picture Jasper brings to the surface hidden feelings of guilt, envy, hatred and love, and thoughts that are usually pushed aside, whether from the past or present lives. One the repression is released, they are seen as lessons along the way. This stone instills a sense of proportion and harmony. It beings comfort and alleviates fear.

Have a magical day 💕🔮✨ #crystalmandalaoraclecards #oceanjasper
✨ Here are you cards revealed! ✨
For those who selected
Card 1:
3 of wands is the message for you. Finally seeing actions and manifestations coming to light. No longer are you indecisive or in the process of trying to figure things out but rather seeing what you have created positive or negative through the law of attraction coming to fruition. This may also indicate receiving news or communication that you have been waiting on. If not yet today, very soon to come as it is inevitable. Finally seeing some form of results within your reality.
Card 2: The King of Wands is the message for you. This may indicate an actual person or an energy that you need to take on yourself. For some this is usually a person who is constantly on the go, so much to do and multi tasking is needed. Today your energy is not stagnant and you cannot be weighed down by your burdens or those of others, there’s no time for that today... get things done! Be clear about the actions you are taking and why you are taking them. For some this may indicate a person in your life who has these qualities, if this is a romantic interest or connection of other form, know that this person may often feel the need to have time and space to do their own thing.
Card 3: 8 Strength is your message today. Let your confidence and self worth power through today. You have come so far and you can truly accomplish so much more. Whatever your struggle may be know that you are going to over come. Strength in connections, strength in opportunity and spiritual strength are the messages for you today. And for some, know that there is strength in being vulnerable to allow someone to assist you in time if need, have pride in yourself but don’t let it stand in the way.
Calling all beautiful, talented souls ❤️💛💚💙💜 If any of you are interested in participating in a heARTful open house that we’ll be offering the first Friday of each month from 6pm-8pm, we are looking for local vendors to display their beautiful creations to the community in our amazing space ✨ We're looking for live musicians, artists, jewelry designers etc!! Think Etsy and artsy! Please contact us at if interested and/or tag a talented friend below 💟 Feel free to leave a comment with ideas!! .
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👁 I know that something amazing is about to happen... I can feel it in the air.. I mean, besides of being alive and healthy of course.. something great is on the way... synchronicities are at an all time high for me and angel numbers have been all over my face over the last 4 weeks intensifying more each day.. these are from the last 2 days and there are two more that happened where I couldn’t take a shot of them.. listening to my intuition more and more with results happening almost immediately... gotta keep it going 🙏🏼 #AngelNumbers #Universe #Intuition 👈🏼 SWIPE LEFT
Get ready, friends! My conversation with the one and only Lindsay Mack from @wildsoulhealing goes live TOMORROW! Yassssss! If you're already signed up for the series, then you'll see a message come from me first thing tomorrow. And if you're *not* signed up for the series yet, get on it, Love! You really (really) won't want to miss this one, and I can basically promise you that you'll thank me later. It's THAT good. 😉 The link to get free and instant access is in my bio!
This interview seriously has EVERYTHING in it- candid and hugely relatable insights around jealousy, FOMO, and secretly believing that there's 'not enough' (love, support, clients, income, recognition, intuition, etc.) to go around. We also chat about not fitting into the stereotypical Lightworker model, attending to your brain chemistry to boost intuition, and 'finding your Two' (which I keep returning to personally, again and again, as this series progresses). It's such a game changer!
Lindsay epitomizes and embodies everything that I originally intended to communicate with the 'You Are Intuitive' series, and I'm beyond honoured to share our conversation with you tomorrow! DON'T MISS IT (for real)!! xoxo

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