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To guarantee quality in #healthcare
21/10/2017 Nationaal Podologie Congres: de biomechanische en instrumentele aanpak van de nagel.
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KINOKI DETOX FOOT PATCH ORIGINAL (Pengeluaran Toxin/racun dalam Tubuh)
PRICE RP 22.000,-
Hanya di @kosmetik_super @kosmetik_super

LINE: @kosmetik_super (pake @yah)
BBM: 549A678B
WA : 081282748261

Terbuat dari apakah " KINOKI DETOX"??
Kinoki detox foot pads dibuat dari bahan organic yang alami seperti bambu vinegar, tourmaline, plant powder, wood vinegar, vitamin c, cornstarch, carapace, minus ion. Para ilmuwan mengembangkan dan mengkombinasikan kesemuanya itu sehingga menghasilkan 100% formula detox alami yang sangat bekerja dengan luar biasa

Keuntungan menggunakan "KINOKI DETOX"??
1. Membantu proses pengeluaran toxin/racun dari tubuh dan penyembuhan penyakit secara bertahap
2. Menghilangkan racun, memeliahar kecantikan dnan meningkatkan energi
3.Mengendurkan otot dan tendon, mengurangi kelelahan dan menghilangkan kelembaban internal
4.Menormalkan tekanan darah, mengurangi stress, sakit/nyeri di kepala
5. Menghilangkan kelebihan cairan,meningkatkan metabolisme,mengisi esensi vital dan memperkuat ginjal
6. Meningkatkan sistem imunitas
7.Memperlancar sirkulasi darah,membentuk dan memperindah tubuh


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January 23
Presidential Memorandum 2:
Reinstituting the "Mexico City" Policy
What It Will Do:
The #MexicoCityPolicy, known among some #prochoice communities as the #GlobalGagRule, prohibits #nongovernmental organizations outside of #America that receive #US #federalfunding through aid programs from offering #abortions or even talking to #women or #policymakers about abortions. This strict #ban applies even to organizations that don't use the US funding they receive to pursue abortion related activities. First enacted by #Reagan in #1984 at a conference in Mexico City (hence the name), it's been axed by every #Democrat and restored by every #Republican after the #WhiteHouse changes hands.
Who It Will Affect:
This doesn't apply to organizations inside #American borders, but it forces some groups to either change the way they operate #overseas or else just refuse funding from the US. Past studies of the MCP/GGR have indicated that the rule often results in overall decreased access to women's #healthcare in nations receiving US aid. It's also historically increased numbers of increasingly #unsafe abortions in sub-Saharan #Africa, and it can have a chilling effect on public discourse on abortion in other nations as well.
Many people in this world mistakenly believe their attitude is set. It has become such a habit that they believe it can’t be changed. They see it as one of the “cards” of life they’ve been dealt, but attitude is a choice.
If you want to benefit from the possibilities of a positive attitude, you need to do more than just make the decision to be positive. You also have to manage that decision. For me, it means one thing: Every day I will make the adjustments necessary to keep my attitude right.
A person’s attitude does not always or easily stay positive. Like any discipline, your attitude will not take care of itself. That’s why it needs to be attended to daily. Of all the virtues, gratitude seems to be the least expressed. How often do people go out of their way to thank you? More importantly, how often do you extend your thanks to others? In our culture of plenty, we tend to take things for granted.
Your interaction with others sets the tone of your day. Appreciation is a matter of perspective. The place to start is with the little things because you'll come to appreciate the big things as well as everything in between. Say something positive to yourself and others; make it a habit in every conversation. Sincerely compliment, acknowledge, and praise others whenever you can.
If you desire to change yourself, then start with your mind. Believe you can improve, that you can change into the person you desire to be. If your thinking changes, then everything else can follow.
Несколько лайфхаков, которые позволят вам ощущать и дарить любимый аромат максимально долго.
🌿Нанесите капельку духов на расчёску или сбрызните её парфюмерной водой. Расчешитесь. Волосы отлично удерживают запахи: при каждом повороте головы за вами будет оставаться приятный шлейф.
🌿Смочите ватный диск любимыми духами и положите его в сумочку или карман. Это усилит аромат и создаст благоухающую ауру не только вокруг вас, но и вокруг ваших вещей.
🌿Храните парфюм правильно. Следите за сроком годности и не оставляйте его в ванной. Там слишком жарко и влажно. Лучше держать духи в коробке, в которой они продавались: так они будут защищены от солнечного света.
Financing for #healthcare remains a major challenge to health care access and management in Nigeria. In #Nigeria, out-of-pocket expenditure is ~ 94% of total private health expenditure and 72% of total health expenditure - thus preventing the most #vulnerable from accessing health care.

Additionally, government expenditure on health remains limited – despite the #Abuja declaration in which the government committed to spend 15% of the #Nigerian budget on health care, health care remains `5.1% of the total budget at ~ 308 Billion Naira in 2017.

Join us on Thursday the 26th of #October as we discuss #healthfunding in Nigeria. Register here as soon as you can!

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Kelvin Njoku is a Nigerian American born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating high school, he received a full ride to Towson University where he earned his bachelors in science. Soon after he was accepted into the sports medicine masters program at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania where matriculated and earned his masters in science. Upon graduation he became a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist . Kelvins masters experience has led him to pursue a career in medicine with a special interest in sports medicine. Kelvins most monumental experience in life was when he completed a medical mission in San Jose, Costa Rica. There, he along with other aspiring practitioners were able to provide care and assistance to the elderly in local nursing homes.
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Make A Smile Your Signature Accessory.
Dengan ini orang-orang disekitar kamu juga akan terkena dampak positif kebahagian dengan senyum menawan milikmu!
They are the backbone of India’s rural healthcare system but their efforts often go unacknowledged. Let’s identify & credit them. Learn more about the #HealersOfIndia initiative by Network18 & Apollo Hospitals Group. Link in bio.
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