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Breaking up Richie with some Harley updates kind of?? I decided to try and dye my animal skin shorts to get the mesh to be black and it kind of worked which is super cool! Also here's what my wig looks like on! This is before I washed it again so it still needs to be styled like this again, edges are also not taped/glued down but holy wow! @ TCC GET HERE FASTER SO I CAN BE MY CLOWN GF AGAIN
#cosplayupdates #questforscreenaccuracy #harleyquinn
(also look at my good girl! Best pup 🐕)
Good job Harley -
some hype for #sbczombiewalk coming up this saturday!! you'll have the opportunity to buy this Original Ink drawing as well as other spooky art i'll have available~! and if my stuff isn't your cup of tea that's okey bc there'll be a bunch of other vendors and artists there who can satisfy your scary needs!!
see y'all there!! more previews will be posted throughout the week~!
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