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Traveling the world and staying on top of the game, BUT HOW? 👉🏾Be passionate, not obsessed ☝🏾
8 years in the game and I still love it. One of my so called "secrets" is, that I was never obsessed with the sport. I never felt obligated to train, I always hit the gym because I wanted to. My eating habits always stayed very healthy, no crazy restrictions or stupid diets to keep myself in shape. ☝🏾
I always appreciated my shredded look but was also proud of my bulky look. Never felt too fat or too small. Therefore I never felt the desire to use any kind of performance enhancing drugs. It was simply never an option for me and it probably never will be. 💡
Try to make friends with people who don't follow the same crazy gym routine you do, it will lead to new perspectives, better conversations and new learnings. Stay passionate and keep following your goals but always remember that life has more to offer than gyms, protein shakes & "clean food". 👍🏾
#LoveTheGrind #BuiltByScience #PlantPower #BePassionedNotObsessed 🌱
P.S. Thanks @desavisesa for having us, stunning villa with amazing view and awesome premaculture activities. 👍🏾
Have a nice weekend everyone! ❤️
If you keep waiting till you are Ready, you gonna be waiting a whole life .
Thinking About Adding Something New To My Leg Routine - Hamstrings (I Separate My Leg Days By Doing Quads One Day & Hamstrings The Other). To My Knowledge My Form Isn’t The Best But With A Little More Practice I’ll Get It Right. The Weight Used Here Is 17.5lbs.
#WSPStrength #TeamFidelis #Determination #Dedication #HardWork #Motivation #IGFitness #Gym #Muscle #Workout #Fitness #Focus #Strength #Exercise #PersonalTrainer #Gains #BodyBuilding #TrainHard #Nutrition #Strong #Active #GymLife #InstaFit #Shredded #Flex #LifeStyle #Grinding
If you keep waiting till you are Ready, you gonna be waiting a whole life .
Pushing myself though another week, staying dedicated and giving my all every session #grinding
Better late than never. #breakfast Light nice omelet. I love these things. It may look like all fun but I work my butt off. Sleep by 11 and up by 4am almost every night and morning #grinding in a meaningful way and trying to #getit I see results but no the ones I’m aiming for. #workharder
Enjoy what you have before it becomes something you had.

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