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After 5 gruesome years of tackling university lectures in a language I just started fumbling words into sentences with, I've finally graduated!
Surreal and overwhelming doesn’t even cut close to waving my final goodbyes to an entitlement of a college student.
College was the first leap of faith I took in Korea and if culture shock mixed with a hint of identity crisis wasnt enough, I've come to a result of being proficient in zero languages.. hah! Though college has taught me absolutely nothing to my advantage regarding my major, it has ultimately revealed truth, definition, direction and life. I've learned that home isn't a geographic place nor that identity is defined by ethnicity, I've learned to push my limits & stretch my capabilities, I've learned to embrace my differences and flaunt my flaws but most importantly, I have found life beyond this ground. I have been given purpose. I was saved as a Christian during my freshmen year of college and it's been my vital pillar as to the position I was, am and will be in. It’s completely changed my life and God has been so gracious surrounding me with people that represent Jesus’s love in the most awe striking ways. It's been quite the ride with you, Hongik, thrusting me with opportunities and blessing me with setbacks, so heres to you, you little jungle looking campus! It's been a short yet looonngg college life but you’ll definitely be missed. Thank u so much to all those who came out to celebrate w me💝😘 Peace bachelors and hellllo graaad school!
드디어 졸업!! 5년동안 최고의 답답함과 망막함을 경험했지만 또 진정한 행복과 목표도 함께배웠다. 이제서야 가나다라를 배운 언어로 대학교 수업을 들으면서 땀과 눈물이 섞인 노력이라는 것을 배우고 그걸로도 충분한데 정체성 혼란과 0개국어라는것이 가능하다는걸 깨달았다. 이러한 힘듬도 있었지만 그것보다 한국도 아닌 미국도 아닌, 나의 진정한 시민권과 집이 어디에있는지, 영어도 아닌 한국어도 아닌 하나님의 언어를 배워가며 복음이라는 것을 믿게되었다.
정말 많이 넘어지고 일어나고 울고 웃고 다양한것 대해서 배웠지만 한국어로는 다시는 공부안할거다.... ㅋㅋㅋ안녕 대학교 핼로우 대학원! #졸업식
User Image rfqjackson Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:04 AM (UTC)
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Edisi terakhir wisudaan nih 😂
Dari dulu emang udah keliatan bedanya sih. Hampir empat tahun ketemu cuma pas weekend aja, ada perubahan dari dia----jadi makin kritis. Selalu punya sudut pandang berbeda dalam hal apapun. Kalo lagi gak pengen curhat ke ortu yaa sasarannya dia. Karna secara gak langsung dia bisa berperan jadi kakak, adek, sekaligus teman. Setelah pp bogor bekasi, revisi sana-sini, baru kelar sidang langsung disuruh seminar internasional. Ngeliat dia pusing jadi ikutan pusing juga. Step by step you did your achievement ✨ Congraduation Rifqo Muhammad Putra S.Hut @rifqoqo
P.S. Katanya belum tenang kalo belum dapet kerjaan. Semoga bisa cepet dapet kerjaan deh dan sukses selalu buat project film pendeknya 😉👍
#SiGembrotLulus #BangJuriLulus #MaximoffTwins #AlumniUI_Nyasar
At the start of the week I had three sessions on the books for this weekend and then this rain front came through! // That being said, this spring is going to be super full with senior sessions starting next week. If you’re a photographer looking to learn more about technical aspects of photography, posing, or my style of shooting or just a newbie looking for a starting point, please reach out to me. I’m looking for some assistants to take care of some things for me during sessions this spring!! // #collegestationphotographer
User Image michelemidon Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:04 AM (UTC)

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#TBT pra poupar um pouquinho do overposting que vai ter em breve 🎓❤️ #graduation #familia #amor #midonformou
User Image linescrafts Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:04 AM (UTC)

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Otra de nuestras entregas lista! Se acerca la boda!!😊💍✨.... y nosotros felices de poder formar parte de sus recuerdos! #VictoriayGaspar 👌🏻✨ #Impresiones #InvitacionesLinesCrafts #NoviaLinesCrafts @linescrafts
User Image jh_hwang0515 Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:45 PM (UTC)
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값진 4년을 이제 마무리하며 새출발🎓졸업 축하해주러 오시고 함께해주신 모든 분들 감사합니다😭❤️
User Image ellie_jiye Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:00 AM (UTC)

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Today is last day so we’re having a party at lics. Matheus is a good singer👍🏻👍🏻#lics #graduation #graduationday #seeyouagain

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