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pribz 7h ago
My dad (Pops Jim) was right! When I was in high school and would call and ask to stay out with friends even later than my typical 10 or 11pm curfew, he would always say “Nothing good happens after midnight. Get your a$$ home.”
Last night……skateboarding after midnight in a parking lot ended up being “not good” at least in the eyes of the Menasha Police Department.  The last time I was picked up by the police for skateboarding (there have been several) was in a parking ramp in Appleton in Nov 1992.  I remember because while waiting for the lead officer to decide if we were going to be charged with criminal trespassing to land or private property (apparently parking garages were a grey/gray (?) area under WI law) I sat in the back seat of the police car and talked about just buying the engagement ring for wifey and being nervous about all the wedding stuff.  The young officer who was only two years older than I was said he was engaged and going through the same stuff. 
Last night’s encounter was even better than that one.  We avoided any tickets, the officer was cool and Mohair (@dirtbagdan920) wasn’t even cuffed! (Which apparently is a rarity during his interactions with the police) 🤣 My favorite part is when the officer asked for my date of birth……he tried to keep a straight face…..wrote it down in his notebook….then looked up at me a bit incredulously…..and I just nodded and said….”for real.” He chuckled and went back to the car.
It was a rad evening……almost every night involving skateboarding is.
And finally one of the reasons I love Instagram is the following……as I’m waiting for the police officer to check out my sordid legal past…..I hear the familiar *ding* of my phone’s Instagram notification to see that an account named “F*** the police” had just liked one of my posts.  Ha! Instant Karma? Random? I dunno…..I liked this cop.  I wish every cop was as cool as he was. •
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