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I am team beachbody ❤️ and proud!

Empower 💪🏼
Love 💕
Inspire 🙌🏼 👆🏼 pretty much sums up what my life and business is all about!
One of the most amazing things about my job is the community of people. We all have a goal to build ourselves and others up and everyone comes together like one great big family!
I see people ALL the time complaining about how much they hate their job, the difficulties of living pay check to pay check, the lack of time left to spend with family, how much their boss sucks.... 👈🏼 this was me 😳
If I could tell you that you could change ALL of that, would you? 🤔
YOU CAN do it and I'm hear to show you how and help you every single step of the way! 👣 👀 I'm on the search for THREE new people to join my team! 👊🏼 #joinmytribe

If you are into building people up and looking for a life of happiness, positivity and good vibes this is definitely for you 😉
PS. I got this awesome shirt for free for being one of the first people to complete the SHIFT SHOP! Who doesn't love free clothes? 👏🏼 #joinmyteam #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #teambeachbody #love #inspire #empower #loveyourself #shiftshop #happinessprevails #mommabear #momswithmuscles #momswhoworkout #workfromanywhere #beyourownboss
Today’s release: “IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY” 💖 Always honor your feelings. From @weekendsandwellnessxo
Cheers to Friday! Checking everything off the to do list on Friday afternoon is such a satisfying feeling. If you're having trouble balancing your work load and setting goals, Inspired Science Coaching is here to support you! Get in touch through the link in our bio.
#LifeGuidance #positivequotes #life #selflove #happiness #goodmood #selfcare #motivational #blog #positive #literature #aspiring #bliss #PositiveSelfTalk~ 10/14/17 #Yes, A #positive affecting #affirmation to #help #yourself: "I am disallowing my past to be a heavy burden of negative effects in my current moment, ever changing future, and my continual success. I am disallowing all outcomes and results to weigh heavily on my thoughts, but to simply provide me lessons worthwhile noting. I am reflecting on my past appreciatively for optimal benefit of lessons that help me continue in my success." #inspire #aspire #motivate #success~ #empower #change! Cheers~ to your success continuing... #LoA #lawofattraction #realtalk
I want us to be the generation who takes off the masks and dares to shout our testimony from our mess instead of what we conceive is the best. Dares to think that Jesus is sufficient and there's no need for more.
That idolatry of self... Being the god of our fantasies and dreams, and all about me, is laid to the wayside and He becomes more and I become less.

I love y'all, Samaritan Women!! What I love though, is you girls, ARE the woman AFTER she meets Jesus!! Run and go tell, girls!!! You've got people who need to hear!
We are the Samaritan woman. Weary, tired, and broken from countless times we've been rejected, hiding because of guilt, pain, or shame, thirsty for living water we don't even realize we need. Oftentimes, we come to the well of perfection, the well of hopelessness, the well of an empty relationship, the well of work or striving in the heat of day, hoping others won't see us or recognize the brokenness and imperfect mess we really are. We come with empty, scarred water jugs for water to quench our thirst, but sometimes it's for a drink we haven't even recognized we're in need of.

Will you be so bold to step out and see? You will meet a Man who tells you everything you ever did, and He has a well of grace waiting for you to receive a drink. Sustaining, life-giving soul nourishment.
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🖤🖤 When Summer decides to leave you 😩
We're based in California, but Synese operates globally. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you:
Flamingos!! I earned our company’s Leaders Retreat for the second year in a row.
I’ve only been apart of this company for 17 months! #ifyoureblessedbeablessing
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Statement pieces speak before you even say anything. Let your beauty shine and let this be the icing to the Look! #parklanejewelry #linkinbio #statement #fashionjewelry #fashion #falltrends #womenfashion #empower
Posting this picture because:
• I missed #tbt yesterday
• Wanted to post a picture in my @eustressinc #WhyEustressin’ shirt (go get one)
• I need to take a flight somewhere soon ✈️
• This was one of my highlights while in Madrid (Egypt actually gifted this temple to Madrid in response to their help in saving other Egyptian temples from flooding)
• Just talked to our dope Mental Health, Eustress, & Wellness panelist for #BSOECON and I’m excited for the knowledge they’re about to drop on our panel!

Go #BEgreat today!

#BEgreat x #WhyEustressin x #BGWE

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