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Life is about creativity. I'm glad found this at school and hope children notice this as something useful and cool and give them idea to reuse things around becoming something new.
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Darkness is to be embraced don’t run don’t escape- confront-explore-dive deep into moments and scenes unseen-light cannot be-without a darkness needing to be lit-what is buried cannot disappear-energy is never lost-transferred to the minds deep abyss are the thoughts one cannot explain-miracles never understood-a winter- conglomerate thoughts- never explored what secrets do you hide? What is inside? Who am I not aware of thee? Why did I say thee? Is this me from 500 years back? Did I read Shakespeare in a trance? What trance? Morph thought devoid of light- sight to the mind of the deep-simple surface cannot contain its precious gifts! Dive deep into darkness-appreciate the light! #poetry #poetrycommunity #poet #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poems #writer #writing #writersofinstagram #author #express #creative
Just finished updating my Etsy shop for today. Only a few items left to post tomorrow but head on over and check out all the new dreamcatchers that are up!
تبلیغ در ژانر ترس.
"ما می خواهیم با احساسات شما بازی کنیم!"
آگهی دهنده: تئاتر ملی کاتالونیا

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달. 달의 앞모습, 달의 뒷모습. 어디를 가도 곁을 지키는 달. Moon. The face of the moon, the back of the moon. Wherever I go it keeps my side.

아무리 바쁘고 정신없다 해도 그녀의 전시를 놓쳐서는 안 되었다. 전시명은 '시차時差.' 그녀의 그림과 살아온 날들과 내면과 참 잘 어울리는 이름이다 싶었다.
오랜 시간은 아니었다 해도 저 작품들이, 저 태양계의 행성들이 탄생하는 과정을 한 집에서 드문드문 지켜보았다. 정말 소중한 경험이었다. 아무리 천재적인 예술가라 해도, 사무실로 출근하지 않는다 해도 그보다 더한 시간과 노고를 작품에 쏟아내야 한다.
어쩌면 삶이란 그 모든 공간과 차원과 시간을 오가는 시차를 감내하는 과정이 아닐까. 다른 차원에서 늘 또 하나의 내가 나처럼, 또는 나와 다르게 존재한다고 믿고 싶다. 부질없고 회한 많은 삶을 위로하는 도피에 불과할지라도.
10월 마지막 날까지 갤러리플래닛.
북노마드 윤동희 대표님의 유려하고 깊은 사색을 엿볼 수 있는 추천사와, 이경미 선생님의 긴 긴 산문시 같은 작품 단상을 모은 도록도 그림들만큼이나 예술 그 자체다!
No matter how busy I am, I should not miss her exhibition. The name of this exhibition is 'Parallax'. I think that it matches well with her paintings, the days she lived and her inner side.
Even though it was not for a long time, I'd watched the process of the birth of these works, planets of the solar system by her in a same house. It had been a really precious experience. No matter how genuine they are, even if they do not go to office, all the artists have to pour more time and effort into their artworks.
Perhaps life is the process of enduring the time gap between all the space, the dimension and the time. I want to believe that the another one like me or different from me, exist on the another dimension. Though it is nothing but an escape to cheer up my useless life in vain...
Until the last day of this October, at Gallery Planet.
The work book of this exhibition contains commentaries as lyric prose poems written by Lee Kyoung-mi. Besides it includes the recommendation of Yoon Donghee(the leader of BookNomad publishing company), which is a glimpse into the deep and profound thought of him. This collectable work book just as artistic as her paintings!

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