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Born 115 years ago today, Irene Ryan gave the world the iconic Granny character on “The Beverly Hillbillies” (1962-1971). Soon after the series ended, she returned to her stage roots with a celebrated turn in “Pippin” on Broadway (1973). She had what appeared to be a stroke during a performance, flew home to recover, but was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She died the following month, unaware of her terminal condition. #granny #beverlyhillbillies #ireneryan #RIP #gr8erdays #celebritybirthdays
xambony 18h ago
In the land of Pickup trucks, surely this person would know one person who could help him move. Saw this car at the local #albertsons this morning. I think it may have exceeded it's gross weight capacity.

#beverlyhillbillies #hoarder #hondahoarder #carhoarder
My ol' Ma & Pa wantn' to share their weddin' best with yall fine folk! Fur months n' countin till ol' Jethro n' I gettin hitched!!!
#beverlyhillbillies #countryweddin #yallcomebacknowyahear
I was feeling either Jed Clampett from #beverlyhillbillies or Fred Sanford from #sanfordandson but Sarah said the #Shepsscout looked like the truck from #thegrapesofwrath so Tom Joad it is. As I was an English major, she made my day. #ihscoutsla #ihscout
when the other half is atleast cool enough to warn u her family's on the way over... I ❤ my wife! 😜 #beverlyhillbillies #deidrichbader
Sunday Fun Fact: The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion was filmed at Arnold Kirkeby’s Mansion in Bel Air. An agreement was made between Filmways Productions and Kirkeby, which enabled the show to film the exterior of his mansion, but the agreement stipulated that the address of the estate was never to be divulged to the public. During the show’s fourth season, Kirkeby’s wife reportedly broke the agreement when the address was leaked and an endless stream of tourists descended upon the mansion looking for the cast. After that, Filmways was prohibited from filming the mansion’s exterior or any long shots on the mansion grounds. The short clip below is worth watching.

#belair #beverlyhills #beverlyhillbillies #hollywood #tvsitcom #beverlyhillsrealestate
Original car from 1960's Beverly Hillbilly's TV Series. I'm not old enough to be "Granny" yet!

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