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User Image b_longfitness Posted: Oct 5, 2014 6:36 PM
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Sunday in the country here we come! #badAZZbitchez @br_long @eebirch 😄🎉🎈🍻💋
Flashback or whatever to that one time we jammed. Hopefully I'll have a drum set soon and this will happen a lot more. Studio room has been cleaned and modified. #nashville #badazzbitchez
User Image skyelux Posted: Jun 13, 2014 11:02 PM
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I remember in middle school, this girl was my right hand. We fought together, skipped school together, and pretty much hung out every chance we got. This girl treated me as a friend no matter how long it had been since we last saw each other. I can say that she was one of the real friends I've had in my life.
I regret so much. I'm so ashamed of myself for not knowing one of the realest people I've known and had the honor of being friends with, passed away almost three weeks ago and I'm just finding out today. Often people say I'm too unforgiving and that I should change my ways because someday my hard headedness will fill my future with regrets.. Well, they were right. I regret not being there and helping out somebody who told me I was their sister. All I have left of her is a page in my middle school yearbook and pictures of moments we'll never share again. I wish so much that I could change what became of our friendship, and somehow prevent this tragedy from happening.
RIP big dawg.. I'll never forget you're infectious laugh, or the time we squared off with a group of band geeks and won. I'll never forget you and the lessons you've taught me in life. Only the good die young.. <\3 #JRNJL #badazzbitchez #MaysMiddle #tilldaend