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Te esperamos HOY!! a partir de las 10:00 AM !! 🥂

#ConversatorioRosa es un placer invitar a todos nuestros clientes a una mañana diferente, donde la escritora @carmenmontcourt del Libro “Daniela y yo Guerreras de la luz” y su hija Daniela Kosan estarán compartiendo sus experiencias vividas🎀

Jueves 19 de Octubre de 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
2273 NW 20th St Miami Fl 33142

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🦋long post but an important read 🦋
I'm glad that I've come this far in my journey that I'm able to speak openly about the trauma I faced in the past year - but that's not the case for a lot of people who've experienced domestic violence or just trauma in general.
I'm writing this because it's disgusting that I've recently been told I'm doing something "inappropriate" when I speak out about my experiences.
I'm lucky that I've reached a point in trauma recovery where I know how to handle the victim blamers out there. I know there are people out there who actually think someone else being mentally/physically/emotionally/sexually abused is fine because the person who did it is their friend/family member. And I've come to terms with that because there simply are some filthy goddamn freaks in this world who will excuse anything. People want an easy life for themselves and it's hard to accept that someone close to them abused someone.
But while I have come to terms that I'm strong enough to stand up to people who excuse abuse, I realise not every survivor is at that point.
I think with all the shit about Hollywood coming out rn it's even more important for abuse survivors to understand that they shouldn't be shamed into silence. You're not alone.
As for the people who actually dare tell people they're being "inappropriate":
If me or anyone else exposing their abusers "upsets" you, maybe take a step back and realise you're part of the problem. 🚫You're part of the culture that let my ex abuse me for over a year.
🚫You're part of the culture that encourages survivors like me to stay quiet while it's happening. 🚫You're part of the culture that tells survivors not to speak about it later on for fear of ruining their abusers "reputation".
🚫You're part of the culture that encourages survivors to suffer on their own, which leads to unresolved trauma and other mental health problems.
🚫You're part of a culture where 2 women are murdered each week in the U.K. 🚫You're part of a culture where 400 people feel like suicide is the only way out of the horrific situation they're in.
I was almost one of of those 400 people.
Thankfully I survived.
A lot of people don't.
Hereby I would to wish you a happy Dawali! It is one the most important events in India, where they remember the victory of Light. Personally for me it is a symbol for overcoming and undoing the ego, to go back to the Light, your source. Anyway enjoy this beautiful festivity! Namasté 🙏🤗💜
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When you choose your company( very ⚛) wisely ... There is only 'good' stuff.
I refuse to make exceptions...what would be the point ?
J x ❤⚛❤ #awareness #winwin #wego #noego #noagenda #noconditions #notrade #onlylove
Pic - Leloop ❤🌲❤
Even a candle brings light to a dark room. Thank you @harshalgore76 . Happy Diwali ❤️💯🙏🏼 #Reposting @harshalgore76 with @instarepost_app -- Happy Diwali to all my friends and family 🙏. #Diwali #jaisrirama
❤All for the love of one little girl ❤
When Siobhan and Noel lost their beautiful 4 year old daughter Aoibhe to meningitis, nothing could have prepared them for the lonely journey they were about to face.
Determinded to change the future of meningitis in Ireland and to ensure no one faced that heartbreaking journey alone again, they decided to do something about it.
But when Siobhan sat at her laptop and googled "how to set up a charity", nothing could have prepared her for the love and support she was now about to face.
Six years on and the unwavering kindness of the people of Galway, has become the heart of our charity, it's what keeps us surviving, thriving and what inspires the whole country to get behind us, and the work we do to rebuild the lives of people who have been affected by this life changing disease.
Six years ago, Siobhan never imagined that our fundraising events would constantly be so well supported , but they are, because each of you are as inspired by her as we are here at ACT, to continue to save lives and rebuild futures, in memory of precious Aoibhe, all for the love of one little girl, thank you #ACTwinterball2017#Charity #galway #ireland #Aoibhe❤️ #Thankyou #support #awareness xx
Happy #Diwali! May the #light guide you in the dark, and may #love be the base of all #conversations, may #awareness dissolve ignorance and may you always have #faith in your #heart xx 💖✨🎉 (design by NidhiMishra)
October 18

Council of Cukbiel:
The moment you ask for the gifts described above, you can count on the addition of blossoming and beauty in what you speak and write. A light and at once eloquent and beautiful prose, dyed with poetic tints to enrich it.

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