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When you have developed Southern Utah blood and you visit Northern Utah for the foliage ❄️ 😬🍂. It didn't help that I couldn't zip up my jacket either.. 🤰🏻10.12.17 #25weeks
cbbrd 1h ago
jumped the gun on IG stories earlier this week, but officially #25weeks today! feelin it. baby the size of a prairie dog, uterus the size of a soccer ball, and a laundry list of other things much larger than they used to be 🙃✌🏻
Baby girl is letting me get a lot done today. I've been up since 8, ran some errands, hubby and I cleared some large items out of the baby's room, and I've been busy doing laundry for the past 2 hours. Not a typical #workout but I've been going all day! .
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The most difficult journey of my life has been growing another life inside of me. It’s not this glamorous glowing adventure some people make it out to be. It’s sleepless nights, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, an uncontrollable bladder, and crazy mood swings. (Idk how Kelbear puts up with me most days to be honest). And from week 5-20 I threw up all day everyday, I couldn’t stand the smell of anything without throwing up, I couldn’t step foot in a grocery store, nothing sounded good but crackers and water, I couldn’t enjoy the summer, go to the lake or do anything I’d wished I could. I lost weight the first 3 months instead of gaining, it was terrifying. It was like I had the flu for 15 weeks straight. On top of this I moved away from everything I knew to attend school everyday. And somehow I did it, even if it meant having to run to the bathroom in the middle of giving a facial and being nauseous every single frickin class I sat in. And even if it meant crying myself to sleep because I was homesick and missed my family and friends. For him I continue to wake up everyday to go to school even if it means throwing up the entire way there and the entire day there. The point is being a women is absolute insanity at times but we are given the most beautiful gift in the world. As difficult as this has been I wouldn’t change it for anything. Everything I do is for him and now I have only one month left of school and I could not be more amazed at what I never thought I could push myself to do. Being a mother is about learning the strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.
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LOOK AT THAT LITTLE NOSE!😍💙💚 Today marks 25 weeks! Little man is 1 pound 10 ounces & oh my goodness he refused to stop moving for a good picture! At one point he even moved away & had his face smooshed right up against the placenta. I am so blessed to be his mommy & to have him healthy💕 #JAC3 #littlewiggler #25weeks
Three little monkeys cuddling with baby Kora because baby bumps make the best pillows! #25weeks
Em um misto de ansiedade boa, de muita expectativa e um pouco de medo, seguro o ventre e nele sinto pela primeira vez a mágica da vida, do mundo da criação 🤰🏼🌸👼🏼❤️ • • • • #pregancy #pregnant #25weeks #gravida #maedemenina #babyapp #pregnancy #maedeprimeiraviagem #ayla
Day ✌🏼of the #moreprotein movement. Things are very exciting over here in pregnancy land, hence my thrilling feed. But at least I’m learning to cook & the baby loves it! #feelinit #25weeks #fitspo #fitpregnancy #healthiswealth

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