The Surprising Link Between Cannabis and Better Sex Revealed

In recent years, numerous countries have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. This shift is motivated by changing views, scientific studies on cannabinoids’ therapeutic qualities, and the potential for economic development through regulated cannabis markets.

With the nationwide legalization of cannabis for recreational use in October 2018, Canada became the second nation to do so globally.

These cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, which affects mood, appetite, distress, and even sexual function. To get the most out of cannabis for sexual purposes, it is important to choose a reputable “dispensary Vancouver” to get it from.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabinoids affect mood, distress, and sexual function.
  • How cannabis affects someone’s sexual performance varies from person to person.
  • Cannabis increases desire, orgasms, and sensation, according to research.

Cannabis and Sexual Health


  • Tactile sensations and emotional intimacy are among the senses that cannabis may influence.
  • Users have reported increased sensitivity to touch and a greater connection with their intimate partner.
  • One possible explanation is that it triggers the activation of specific brain receptors, especially those associated with pathways that lead to pleasure and rewards.
  • The impact of cannabis on a person’s sexual performance can differ from one individual to another.
  • Dosage, strain, manner of consumption, and individual physiology are some of the variables that can affect the initial sexual effects of cannabis use.
  • While some may feel increased sensations and prolonged arousal, others might experience delayed orgasm.

Understanding Cannabis and Sexual Pleasure

In 2023, the Journal of Cannabis Research published a study that shows the potential effects of cannabis on people’s sexual encounters and satisfaction. To investigate the potential role of cannabis, they used a model that outlines the various phases of a sexual response, including desire, excitement, and orgasm.

  • Data was collected from 811 persons with a history of cannabis usage.
  • Most of these individuals were caucasian, middle-class women in their early 30s.
  • A sizeable percentage identifies as LGBTQIA+.

Researchers discovered no significant differences in the effects of cannabis on sexual experiences based on age or gender. Researchers found that almost 70% of people who used cannabis reported increased desire and stronger orgasms. A lot of people also said that it improved their taste and touch perception, which made masturbation more enjoyable.

Both men and women reported an improvement in sexual performance and satisfaction after using cannabis, according to the study. This provides more evidence that cannabis may enhance the sexual experience.

CBD Strain For Better Sexual Experience


The cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis has been studied for its potential medicinal effects, including on sexual experiences. While there has to be more research on the subject, preliminary findings, and anecdotal data imply that CBD may improve sex in multiple ways:

A state of relaxation

People may find that they can relax and fully immerse themselves in the sensation of sexual activity after using CBD. This is because alleviating tension and anxiety is a key characteristic of this strain.

Enhanced sensation

The capacity of CBD to bind to endocannabinoid system receptors may explain this because this system regulates emotions, including pleasure and pain.

Improved blood flow

Scientific research has shown that CBD has vasodilatory properties, which indicate it can help open up blood vessels and increase blood flow. Greater arousal and better sexual function might be the outcome of increased blood flow to the genital area.

Relieving pain

One of CBD’s most well-known uses is as a pain reliever. CBD may relieve sexual discomfort caused by endometriosis or muscle tension, making sex more pleasant.

Deeper Connection

Incorporating cannabidiol (CBD) into sexual practices, whether through the use of CBD-infused massage oils or the sharing of CBD edibles, can create a shared experience and strengthen emotional attachments.

Cannabis and Sex ─ Possible Risks and Solutions


  • Overconsumption ─ Too much cannabis can cause anxiety, paranoia, and impaired judgment, which can affect sexual behavior.

Solution ─ Start with a low dose and progress as needed. Focus on moderation and body response. Choose low-THC strains or products with balanced THC and CBD ratios for a softer effect.

  • Reduced sensation ─ Cannabis can sometimes dull sensation, limiting enjoyment.

Solution ─ Explore strains and consumption methods. Users say some strains boost sensitivity and arousal. Sensual activities like massage or sensory play can also help.

  • Communication issues ─ Communication and consent can be impaired by cannabis, causing misunderstandings or discomfort.

Solution ─ Discuss boundaries, desires, and comfort with your partner(s) before and during the moment. Identify a safe word or signal to express being overwhelmed or stopping.

  • Effect on performance ─ Cannabis may impair sexual performance by affecting coordination, movement patterns, and cognition.

Solution ─ Monitor your dose and body effects. Try low-coordination, low-performance activities. Prioritize intimacy, connection, and pleasure over performance.

  • Dependence or habit ─ Cannabis may become a coping strategy or a sexual enhancer.

Solution ─ Keep track of your cannabis use and make sure it increases your sexual experiences. Consider seeing a therapist or counselor for dependency concerns.

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Explore Cannabis Today

Recreational use, therapeutic applications, and better sexual activities are among the many reasons why cannabis is gaining popularity among Canadians. New research suggests that cannabis may affect multiple aspects of sexual health and experience.

People who are curious about using cannabis for sexual purposes should proceed with care, taking into account their tastes and sensitivities. At Sea To Sky Cannabis, you’ll find an assortment of premium cannabis goods as well as knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with all things related to cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I safely mix cannabis with alcohol or other substances before having sex?

Cannabis and alcohol can enhance each other’s effects and increase the chance of side effects. Mixing substances requires caution and knowledge of their interactions.

What are some safe ways to use cannabis during sexual encounters?

  • Starting with a low dose and increasing as needed is recommended for cannabis and sex beginners.
  • Create an intimate, soothing setting.
  • Try different consumption strategies. Cannabis can be smoked, vaped, consumed, or applied.
  • Keep water and snacks handy to avoid dry mouth and munchies from cannabis.
  • Observe how cannabis boosts your senses. Watch how it changes touch, taste, smell, and sensation.
  • Just like any sexual activity, respect each other’s boundaries and have clear consent before using cannabis.

How does cannabis affect sexual activity duration?

Cannabis can alter sexual activity length differently for everyone. Cannabis may extend sexual experiences by boosting sensations and delaying orgasm. Some might not notice a difference or experience shorter durations due to heightened arousal.

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