5 Reasons Why Sumo Deadlifts Are Better For Your Back – 2024 Guide

Sumo exercising techniques have long been well-known and popular around the world. We’ve already heard of sumo squats, which were mostly promoted by the famous Kim Kardashian. She claimed that thanks to them, she can boast of her famous behind. On the other hand, many exercisers, both recreational and professional, say that exercises such as sumo deadlifts also positively affect the shaping of the whole body – especially the torso and back. Those who know more about it claim a big difference between regular and sumo deadlifts. Therefore, here are 5 reasons why sumo deadlifts are better for your back.

Powerlifting, Deadlifting – What Is It All About?

Gym visitors and professional athletes know very well what powerlifting and deadlifting are. However, how your body behaves during exercise depends on whether you’re in shape and how long you exercise. Are you a professional athlete or just a passionate recreative? Whatever your answer is, know that these exercises are quite difficult – and that improper exercise can put additional strain on not only the muscles and joints but also the back. On the other hand, performing these exercises correctly will allow you to have clearly defined muscles of the arms, legs, torso, and back, proper shaping, and good looks. However, you need to know that there is a difference between powerlifting and sumo deadlifting.

What Is A Sumo Deadlift?

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Sumo deadlining got its name because of the wide placement of the legs. Just like with sumo squats, this is the position that sumo wrestlers take at the beginning of the match. Lifting a certain weight or load in this position is not an easy exercise. Still, it will allow you to achieve the desired look and volume of the musculature – and that is exactly why we exercise. Although the sumo style technique is adapted to lift the maximum weight, you don’t have to work too hard (if you are not a professional) and yet you can have great benefits when you pump the muscles – especially on the back and legs.

How Do Sumo Deadlifts Affect Us?

Each type of exercise will have a good effect on your look and your health. However, when we talk about sumo deadlifts, this type of exercise requires more strength and you need to be in good shape and strong enough to withstand the weight. For some people, this seems quite difficult. So why should we do sumo deadlifts then? Here are a few reasons.

1. Sumo Deadlifts Shape The Muscles Of Your Entire Body

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Although you do not have to do this exercise more than 2 to 3 times a week, make sure you start with it – and shape large muscle groups all over your body.

According to gym-expert.com, sumo deadlifts will develop the strength of your muscles in the back, gluteus, lower back, and muscles in your shoulder girdle. In addition, you will also develop your torso, and especially your abdominal muscles.

2. Deadlifts Will Improve Your Posture

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Of course, when you have strong back muscles, it means a better posture of your body. Sumo deadlifts are the ideal way to exercise for all those who want to work on better posture and strengthening of back muscle groups. By strengthening and shaping the back muscles, you make good support for the spine – and over time you will correct your posture. Of course, don’t expect these exercises to correct your spinal deformities if you have them – but they will certainly make a significant change. You will notice this by walking upright as well as in the correct position while sitting, without your shoulders being hunched.

3. Sumo Deadlifts Will Strengthen Your Joints

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The fact is that the joints, especially in women, decay more often and faster. Therefore, this way of exercising is almost ideal to help you solve these issues. Namely, when doing sumo deadlifts, you put pressure on your joints in your knees and your hands – and that way, you’re strengthening them. The joints, primarily those in your hips, have a great impact on your back. Here we primarily mean the pressure that the back and spine suffer due to improper posture caused by the deterioration of cartilage and hip joints. However, when we talk about people who suffer from certain health problems such as osteoporosis and the like – they should adjust their exercise and weight according to their health condition and the doctor’s advice. However, you will strengthen your cartilage and joints only when you use them – even if practicing more moderate sumo lifts.

4. Less Stress For Your Lower Back

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We emphasized that there are certain differences between the classic and sumo deadlifts. This is one of them. Namely, in a standard deadlift, the exerciser has an almost vertical position of the torso and back. This position puts a heavy strain on the lower back and spine – causing many people to face the pain afterward. In contrast, sumo deadlifts do not put much strain on the lower back. How? The very position of the spread legs and hips relieves the pressure on the lower back, so you will be able to lift a heavier load than you thought you could.

5. Helps Build Muscle And Bone Endurance

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With exercises such as sumo deadlifts, it is quite certain that you will gain more strength over time. However, strength and muscle shaping are not the only benefits you will have. Along with the efforts during lifting the weight, there is better blood circulation in the muscles, which helps to build them better. Also, the strengthening of the skeletal system, especially in the back and shoulder girdle, is obvious. This way, you will reduce the possibility of potential injuries, pain if you have it, improve the complete appearance and posture of the body – and ultimately, you will feel better.

The Bottom Line

We hope it is now a little clearer to you why sumo deadlifts are considered so useful. Therefore, it is not surprising that many world celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, or the famous supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio have embraced this exercise trend.