Solo Traveling: 5 Proves That It’s Always a Better Option

There is no better way to refresh than fulfilling yourself with new experiences. We are all familiar with the thrill of excitement when we get spontaneous and hit the road into the unknown. All the little details like sitting on a bench in a park somewhere at the end of the world absorbing the atmosphere, watching passers-by speaking an exotic language, a sheer joy from touching cultural monuments erected thousands of years ago are crucial. The thing is we can’t imagine hitting the road alone. So how can we fix the problem? Obviously, by making first clumsy baby steps towards the goal!

The Portrait

The major reason that prevents us from squeezing most from life is anxiety. It may hinder your career advancement as well since confronted with this burden even professional CV writers from are helpless. It goes without question, we worry less about the boredom but about how the other onlookers will perceive our renunciation of society. What will I look like sitting in the restaurant in splendid isolation or sightseeing ancient architecture without companions? Thoughts begin to overtake one another, throwing a heap of doubts and fears into the furnace.

What if something goes wrong?

There will be no one to depend on – this is good, but you have never done anything like this before, although you could blindly believe you have.

What exactly do I want?

It is difficult to decide on something, listening only to your desires. After all, you have always asked the opinions of other people – from parents, from friends, and from work colleagues. The thing is that you have replaced your desires with the desires of others long ago, and very often you do not even realize what you are hankering for and what feelings you are experiencing.

If you recognize yourself in this portrait, then the best practice for you would be solo travel. People with a high level of anxiety, who are no longer used to being alone, are simply obliged to experience this format of relaxation to free themselves from complexes and start rejoicing! Why? It is so simple and incredibly productive for your later life. Check out a few reasons that will convince you to give it a try!

5 Convincing Reasons to Strat on Solo Traveling

1. Cope with the increased level of responsibility


The fear of loneliness is often associated with a lack of self-confidence and self-reliance. Solo travel is a great simulator to tackle this problem. Learn to have the upper hand over your financial decisions, rely on your strengths when speaking in foreign languages, think in advance of certain pains you may encounter during your trip. Once you feel how wonderful it is, when you got out from under the heap of fears and complexes that hold your will down, you definitely won’t change back. After enjoying a few pilgrimages in splendid isolation you will immediately feel the changes in all areas of life associated with increased confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will begin to appreciate yourself more, be proud of your achievements, and also understand what you genuinely want, and not the environment.

2. Forget about the loneliness


Even if you are alone, you never feel a lack of communication in travels. The thing is when at home, loneliness is more intense than when you are on a journey. Here is a couple of proofs:

  • You are going to be surrounded by new places, people which will throw you into the vortex of events.
  • You are going to be having a thoroughly planned leisure beforehand so that even an idle wandering around the city doesn’t feel like a waste of time, but the most incredible promenade in your life.
  • The general delight can be spiced with a pinch of taste. Hone your open-mindedness and try unfamiliar food you have previously seen only on TV. You can actually combine useful with pleasant and go to the local marketplace where you will enjoy the scenery and make new acquaintances.

When the rest of the world invites you to be its part, you simply cannot feel lonely or maladroit. This is far from the same as at home, where, due to the hustle and bustle, people don’t feel like having a chat, so they just bottle themselves up taking cover behind more serious business.

3. New acquaintances


If you are traveling with a bunch of friends or a family your chances for making new acquaintances are much lower than those of solo travelers. You’ll agree that when globetrotting alone, we tend to avoid making contacts with people who already have a merry company, and try to identify other solo travelers. Thus, traveling alone is a real opportunity to finally meet a life partner or a brand new overseas friend. Anyway, even if you see a big cheerful company, do not rush to keeping away from it. Cherry-pick one person and start up a trivial conversation, in the blink of an eye, he will introduce you to others and bring you up to speed.

4. Worry about nobody but yourself


This is a huge advantage of traveling alone. This is the most favorite aspect of solo travelers. Little surprise, the vast majority doesn’t like to adapt to others and suffers deprivation when need to choose certain hotels, excursion routes, restaurants, taking into account the tastes of friends while forgetting their own. It’s a shame to spend two weeks in India and lunch in an authentic oriental restaurant only once just because your companions do not like spicy food and would rather eat ordinary European food or hamburgers, which, moreover, are three times more expensive there than local exotics and delicacies. On the one hand, you should look for compromises, but on the other hand, every day on vacation flies so fast that you don’t want to sacrifice it to the tastes of others.

5. You can change plans at any minute


There is no need to coordinate every step and stick to a pre-established plan. Are you experiencing mood swings? Has your health failed? Are you tired or, on the contrary, full of energy and want a more intense outdoor activity right now? It’s all at your fingertips. You can just return tickets and buy others, extend the hotel for a few more days in a place that captured your imagination, or leave a city you hate with any regrets. After all, time is yours use it at your leisure!

So, pack your suitcase, rotate the globe, choose a place to which your soul lies and explore the unknown, because travel is for everyone, and especially travel alone!