Top 5 Slot Machines Inspired by Sci-Fi Movies

There’s no denying the fact that the online gambling industry is becoming increasingly popular, and online slot machines are some of the biggest attractions to these platforms. There are many reasons for their popularity, but none beats the fact that they are simple to play, come with plenty of in-game features, and varied themes.

Online casinos such as Mr Bet Online Casino offer thousands of online slots, which feature different themes, styles of play, and bet limits. One such theme is that of online slots inspired by Sci-Fi movies.

Why Are Sci-fi-themed Slots Popular Online?

Sci-fi-themed online slots are those that are adapted from movies based on Sci-fi. They, however, come with different storylines and in-game features. Their popularity stems from the fact that they add an extra layer of intrigue to the usual slot experience, giving you a more immersive and personalized gaming experience.

Top-5 Slot Machines Inspired by Sci-fi Movies

While there are more than 15,000 slot machines online, only a few are based on the Sci-fi theme. This is mostly because software companies have to get special permits from movie companies to design and develop a game based on a particular film. As such, you can only expect a handful of slot machines inspired by Sci-fi movies. Out of the available games, these stand out as the top 5 games.


1. The Final Countdown slot (Big Time Gaming)

Big Time Gaming (BGT) isn’t the most experienced software developer as far as online casino games are concerned. However, this doesn’t stop the company from developing cutting-edge casino games for its players. This can be seen in one of their releases, The Final Countdown Slot, a game that debuted in the iGaming industry in March 2019.

This online slot release comes with a rocket to the left side of the reels and takes you on a mission to explore Venus (the planet). As soon as you fire up the game, you are invited to a space shuttle launch pad and wait for the countdown (which happens in the backdrop of the game, hence the name).

After the launch, you’ll be playing in a game with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4096 unique ways of winning. It comes with a flexible bet limit of between $0.20 up to a maximum of $20 per spin. With a maximum win multiplier of 36,000x your bet, it means you can expect a tidy payout of about $720,000 when you wager max. The Final Countdown Slot has an RTP of 96.65% and a high volatility. This means you must be careful how you stake your bets lest you go bust real quick.


2. Star Wars (IGT)

The force is awakened, and it’s here with us! The ‘Star Wars’ fever started spreading in the late 70s, disappeared and reappeared almost two decades later. The ‘Awakening of the Force’ started everything all over again, and IGT was keen to capitalize on the latest wave by designing a slot game with the same name. Unlike other sci-fi-themed online slots, Star Wars is strictly limited to land-based casinos.

Still, the popularity of this game is immense, with hundreds of people waiting in line to have a piece of the action. It lets you experience the battles between evil and good, hang out with some of the iconic characters in the film, destroy structures, drive spaceships, and earn coins while at it. However, the most outstanding feature of the game is the prize pool, which has occasionally awarded players a jackpot of not less than $1 million.

3. Avatar: Gateway Guardians (Yggdrasil Gaming)

There have been a few Avatar-themed slots, but Yggdrasil Gaming’s Avatars: Gateway Guardians is the winner when it comes to depicting the film. This one is a hybrid between Avatar and Starwars, which means you will not only be taken for an intergalactic adventure but also get rewarded through various bonus features.

These include a free spins game and a Hotspot and Multiplier Wheel bonus game that leads to random spins with a top multiplier payout of x20.


4. Jurassic Park (Games Global)

Games Global (formerly Microgaming) is the official online casino software developer for releasing Jurassic Park-themed slot machines. Despite being released more than 10 years ago, the Jurassic Park online slot is as entertaining as the first day it reached our screens. The game can be played for as little as $0.15 to as much as $30 per spin, which in all honesty are quite pocket-friendly prices.

The game uses 5 reels and 3 rows format and features 243 unique ways of winning. It has an RTP of about 96.67%, which is above the industry average of about 95%. While it does feature the T-Rex Alert bonus feature, it’s the six free spins bonus rounds that make it more appealing to play the Jurassic Park slot machine.

5. The Matrix (Playtech)

The Matrix (the film) redefined the sci-fi genre with its mind-blowing plot and slick CGI action. Although the online slot game from Playtech didn’t live up to its expectations, it outdid many other slot machines inspired by Sci-fi movies to earn a spot in the top 5 list.

The game invites you to dive into a digital world where there are 5 reels and 50 paylines. In the background, you get to see the iconic green matrix code scrolling as you play the game. Symbols are picked straight from the film, with Agent Smith, Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus all being represented.

As you play the game, it’s the black cat symbol that you want to see stacked on reel 5. If this happens, the Déjà Vu Shuffle bonus game is triggered. During this bonus round, reel 1 is turned wild, and all the symbols on the screen are rearranged to award you big wins. If you land 3 scatter symbols on the screen, you get to choose between activating the Nebuchadnezzar or Agent Smith free spins game.

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