5 Best Sex Toy Cleaner in 2024

Our sexual life has a grand impact and plays an essential role in our health. Throughout the whole history, people’s sexual behavior was something that wasn’t something to talk about a lot. But, when we are talking about people, it is nonsense to negate the sexual side and needs of humans. That subject can still be taboo, but sexual freedom today is higher than it ever was before.

Before, many things were looked upon as strange, but now, with today’s healthy way of thinking, many of them are common, as they should be. One of the things that were taboo earlier is sex toys. Today, using sex toys is perfectly normal, and sometimes it can also be recommended to help you with your sexual desire. Even today, we can still hear some conservative thinking people shaming others for their sexual freedom, which should probably not happen in this modern age. The crucial thing while using sex toys is taking care of their hygiene.

You should know how important it is to clean your sex toy before and after use. Once you know that, you need to choose the best cleaner for the toy, and in this text, you will find the five that are most popular. For those who need advice about cleaning your sex toy, you should check sextoysaver.co.uk for more information.

1. Classic Erotica Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner, 8 oz

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This great cleaner is ideal for before and after using your sex toy. Gentle formula is perfect for every material, including the realistic ones. Sweet fragrance will freshen every toy, and since it doesn’t have any artificial color or harsh soaps, you can be sure that there couldn’t be any harm done to them.

This cleaner is coming in a big package, so there is no need to worry that you will need a new bottle soon. The price is excellent for this quality and this amount of the cleaner. Cleaning is quite simple since you only need to put it on your toy and wipe out after that.

2. CalExotics Anti-Bacterial Universal Toy Cleaner – Adult Sex Toy Disinfectant

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If you are looking for a travel size sanitizer, then this is the right choice for you. The 4,3Fl OZ bottle is perfect for carrying, wherever you go, and clean your toys while on the go. It is an excellent anti-bacterial cleanser, which is removing all the lubricants, and maybe the most important thing is that you don’t need to worry about mold and bacterias.

You should apply it before and after every usage of your toy, and the mild formula is going to prolong your toy’s life. The cleanser is water-based, and it means that it is friendly with almost all materials. The usage of it is quite easy, and you only need to wash the toy with soap and water and put the disinfectant after that.

3. Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner 177 ml / 6 oz

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What makes this cleaner unique is the fact that you can use it on your sex toys, as well as for your intimate parts. It offers you the ultimate cleaning, and it will make every toy bacteria-free for sure. Its specially designed spray pump will help you use much more of the cleanser, and what this means is that you will spend less money for the same cleaning. It is friendly with most of the materials, and you don’t need to worry about that. Removing silicone and any other lubricant from your toy is guaranteed, so you can be sure that your toys are going to be ready and safe for use. For purchasing this Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner, you must be at least 16, as you will have to declare so while ordering it on Amazon.

4. Deluxe Toy Cleaner Spray by EIS, Also disinfects Silicone Toys, 300 ml

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With this cleaner, it doesn’t matter if your toy is plastic, made of silicone, latex, or glass, it will clean it all. It is quite easy to use, and the important thing is that your toys will be the germ, bacteria, fungi, and viruses free, making them look newer for longer.

It is also ideal for gentle and soft materials, and you can use this EIS product, and be sure that nothing would happen to your toys. What you need to do clean the toys, is to spray on, let it dry and wipe it with a dry cloth, it is simple as that. The price of it is also another benefit, and you can easily order this product on Amazon and purchase the 300ml of this spray.

5. EasyGlide Toy Cleaner 150 ml – Clean your Toys – Cleaning Toys

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One of the best cleaner for sex toys is coming from Europe. The brand that makes originates in Netherland and produces cleanser in Germany. This perfect spray bottle is ideal for distributing the cleaner on the whole toy, and after that, the only thing that you should do is to wait for a few minutes, and then wipe your toys with a dry cloth. With this cleaner, you can remove all the lubricant rests, and it is safe to use with every material. It guarantees that your toys will be anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial after cleaning. The quality of this product, combined with the price makes it perfect for everyone.

We all know how important hygiene is and what we need to do to stay healthy. Everyone needs to take precautions, and the same goes for sex toys. Properly cleaning them is very significant, and you should always find the best cleaning method so that you can enjoy it freely. Choosing the right spray is as essential as it is choosing the best toy for you.

Whether it is in the form of gel or spray, it doesn’t really matter as long as it will clean it well, and as long as your health is safe.

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