The Science Behind Electro Muscular Simulation (EMS): How It Works and Why It Matters?

Exercise is a major activity for millions of people worldwide. With so many options you can undertake regarding programs, finding the one that fits your criteria is quite challenging. Therefore, conducting thorough research is an absolute must. The point of exercise is not just to help you achieve the highest potential regarding looks, but it is also relevant for your overall health. It would be best to consider all this when choosing the right one.

When you are aware of all these aspects, then there’s no doubt you should be extremely careful when making this choice. Among the most popular programs, you will find EMS training. While its name will not ring many bells for most readers, EMS has become one of the most prominent options available today. You will find many celebs who promote it as their choice because of the countless benefits it offers.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a procedure that targets muscles through electrical impulses. The idea is to target the motor neurons by doing so, stimulating them to reach their maximum potential. Of course, the procedure is much more complex than it might seem initially. Today, we want to provide you with an in-depth explanation of this procedure. Without further ado, let us begin.

The Basics


Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a method that utilizes electrical impulses to activate muscles, as we’ve already stated. The device produces these impulses, delivered to the spot preferred by the person interested in exercising. The stimulation provides the individual with a chance to maximize the potential of their muscles. By doing so, the individual’s body will get the workout needed without the traditional way of doing so.

There are two main types of this procedure. The first and commoner one is known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The other one is neuromuscular electrical stimulation. TENS is used when an individual experiences pain because of a workout. Naturally, this means it is utilized to provide pain relief, a part of the recovery process, a much-needed one after the workout.

The second one is neuromuscular electrical stimulation, which stimulates the muscles throughout the workout. At the same time, it plays a vital role during the rehabilitation process. While many would think this concept is new, this is not true. Instead, we are talking about a method that originated over 200 years ago. The individual credited with discovering it is Luigi Galvani, an Italian inventor.

How Does it Work?

The recovery process is a crucial one if we want sustainable growth of our muscle mass. That doesn’t mean we should sleep enough hours, but several other methods should be included in this whole process. The electrical impulses released by the device influence the muscles to relax when they establish contact. By doing so, they help calm them down and influence them to be more resilient.

Of course, the devices used in this method can target any group of muscles in the human body. Furthermore, you cannot expect that in every case, the intensity of the devices should be at the same level. With that in mind, you will be glad to hear there are numerous levels of intensity you can apply to make the procedure as pleasant for the individual as possible. These levels work differently in different cases.

Several studies confirm the effectiveness of EMS. While the results differ from case to case, they conclude on one thing: this method works. The part where they differ is whether they are effective enough in all the cases. The effects are versatile, but the main conclusion is that it helps in enhancing the individual’s strength, but not only that, but it also provides the possibility of muscle size increase.

What Else Should You Know?


Besides understanding what this concept is and how it works, there are several elements you should know about. You should know that this is a completely safe treatment. Maybe you will find some voices online that speak about EMS being unsafe, but this is not true. The side-effects of this method exist, but they are rare, mainly around the redness at the site of electrodes and nothing more than that.

Furthermore, the process is painless, regardless of the muscle group we are discussing. You will find many gyms that include this method as a part of their services. If you want to find the one where you can get this service, visit Kratos Studios.

What are The Benefits?

Last but not least, we want to address the benefits of this approach. The first one that requires your attention is improving muscle strength. What is interesting to see is that this method’s effects are so effective that a half-hour session can replace a whole week of training. So, you do not need to spend countless hours in a gym. At the same time, you can save a lot of money you would spend on supplements.

Weight management is a crucial element in this day and age. The reason why we believe this is the case is that obesity is among the biggest problems today. You will find millions of people with this problem. Therefore, having the ability to affect weight helps improve overall health conditions by lowering the weight. As you know, doing so is not the easiest thing since it requires day-to-day commitment.

The next benefit is muscle cramps. We are discussing the effects of overusing your muscles for those who do not know. As a result of that, you will see problems such as dehydration or muscle strain occurring. At the same time, it can happen because of inadequate blood supply. Preventing the cramps from happening will help you avoid countless problems that can arise as a result of muscle overuse.

In Conclusion

EMS is a method that gained prominence in the last couple of years. You will find numerous studies that focused on it, and they proved its effectiveness. Here, you can find all the relevant information regarding this technique. We are certain you will find this insight to be of much help.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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