RTP In Online Casinos – 2024 Guide

On the Internet, people wonder how RTP works … Common! Let’s puzzle out once and for all and dispel some myths regarding this “mysterious” indicator in slot machines and table games.

Let’s start with a definition. RTP (Return To Player) is the percentage of bets returned as winnings. For example, if 1000 bets by $1000 each are made in a slot for some time, then the slot with RTP 95% will return $950,000 to the player, and the remaining $50k will settle in the pockets of the casino.

This is very abstract example because RTP only works correctly in a very long distance which is billions of spins won by players over the years … And the closer the number of spins, the closer the actual RTP to the stated one.

Comparison of RTP. What does the indicator depend on?

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The payout percentage in a slot machine depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and the mathematical model used by the developer. Any actions in the slot — bonus levels, jackpots, etc. are subject to a certain scenario, taking into account RTP.

No one will issue a license for a slot machine if it has a low payout percentage that does not meet the minimum requirements. This indicator ranges from 80 to 95% depending on the country. For example, in Russia the indicator should be at least 90%, in Australia – at least 85%.

Companies specializing in the release of gaming software for casinos adhere to the rules established. Some developers create slots with the same RTP, others calculate the payout percentage for a particular slot machine. For example, the products of Endorphina or Amatic Industries almost always have 96% RTP, while the indicator at NetEnt or BetSoft can range from 91 to 97% and higher.

Can an operator configure RTP on machines independently

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This question is what interests gamblers most of all. Changing these indicators is practically impossible, since the RTP is embedded in the program code by the developer. It is impossible, ofcourse, to rule out hacking by a computer genius and changing the code, but the probability of these actions is reduced to zero due to the complexity of the process.

When choosing gaming software for your gambling establishment, find out not only the RTP, but also the variance of slots. These indicators are interrelated and will affect ultimately the profitability of your business.

There are slot machines with different variances:

  • low – a slot in which small wins fall out almost every move;
  • high – a slot with high odds and rarely wins.

Slots with low variance attract players with the frequency of winnings, create the impression of luck, and slots with high variance attract with the size of cash prizes and the prospect of getting more. As a result, the player stays at the slot they likes for a long time and leave their money in the gambling establishment, increasing the casino’s profit with each spin.

According to specialists’ observations, slot machines with low variance, as a rule, have a high payout percentage. The gambler will receive frequent small prizes and stay online for a long time, but the gambling establishment will be the winner in the end. By the way, players believe that one should play at the maximum rates on low-dispersion slots, and this is another argument in favor of installing just such slots.

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Of course, the actual percentage of return for each player may be different. Firstly, if you just came and played, ending the session positively, then the RTP will be positive for you. Roughly speaking, by entering a slot with a stated RTP of 95%, and having a balance of $10,000, you can get a wide variety of results. For example, if you get a fat bonus and get x1000 of $100 each, then you will receive $100,000, and the RTP for you will obviously not be 95% — much more. At short distances, the indicator can be thousands of percent, both with the “+” sign and the “-” sign. But the more you play, the more the indicator will approach the stated.

There are some players having a total RTP of over 100% over the years. As a rule, this occurs when you win jackpots, or rare play with large bets, with the subsequent transition to the minimum ones. You can only envy such lucky guys, but even they will still lose in a long distance.

It would seem to be such an obvious and logically simple system, but no. First, there are thousands of man-hours behind the miscalculation of a mathematical model, and everything is not complete with simple randomness. Secondly, in some games, RTP can be dynamic, that is, it can change downward with a lot of players’ winnings recently, or vice versa increase when the game “has been eating” for some time.

If you are going to play, but cannot decide on specific online slots, then the highest RTP will always be the most significant choice factor. But even if the game has 99% RTP, this in no way means that you will certainly win, or that you will lose for a very long time.

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A bunch of myths is associated with this indicator. Consider the most popular misconceptions of gambling addicts and those who empathize with them:

1. RTP depends on the time of day/bet size/browser/moon phase and so on — no, it is not. The game server does not care about your bet and time of day, it randomly determines the win/loss, according to the mathematical model embedded in it;

2. RTP of one game from one server may differ in various casinos — no. If the signal comes from the licensed server of the provider, then the RTP does not change. Once again: this indicator does not determine the number of wins or losses at short distances in any way, therefore, situations are possible and quite natural when you win in one casino in a certain slot and lose in another one;

3. Slots have pools, and if you hit the right one, you will certainly win — nonsense from the category of fantasy. Slots do not have any pools, as they are simply not needed. RTP will always bring casinos to a profit which means that it is simply unreasonable to spend a lot of time and money on their development.

A casino is a business that cannot operate at a loss. That is why you should always remember that the online gambling club will always be profitable: sooner or later you will start losing anyway.

For this reason, you should never try to recoup, much less play with money that you cannot afford to lose.

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