A Night Under the Stars: 4 Top Locations for Romantic Stargazing Around the World

Staring off into the sky is one thing you can do from anywhere globally. But, there will be certain places where you can witness stars and other planets in the sky in a special way. They are low-pollution areas situated at higher altitudes. They are formed by fascinating landforms which shine brighter under a night sky.

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Top 4 Places For Romantic Stargazing

Although there are several places to explore for a romantic trip worldwide, some are important. Here are a few places that you can prefer to visit with your partner.

1. Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

Source: visittheusa.com

You will see that sky shines with glitter worldwide, including in Tasmania. But Arches National Park, Utah, is the best place for stargazing. There you will see the stars with different natural rock formations. These formations will add a new interest in the process of stargazing.

2. Cresta de Gallo Island, Philippines

Cresta de Gallo Island, Philippines

Source: thecoastalcampaign.com

You will not find any electricity or cell phone signal here. You will sense that the earth is covered with a dark blanket. You can watch for stars clearly as there will be no clouds and sunlight. It is a perfect place to experience the night scene and the stars.

3. Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba, Argentina

Source: roughguides.com

It is a place with no electricity and far away from civilization. You will find a southern cross that looks brilliant. You will see more frogs living in that area than human beings. The sounds of them in the night open sky sound like a pleasant song while looking at the stars.

4. Sorensen, Norway

Sorensen, Norway

Source: croatian-islands.com

From the 14th of November to the 29th of January, it is called a civil polar night at Sorensen. It is the middle of winter in that region. The temperature goes below 6 degrees, and the world turns completely black. You can see more than 100 satellites per hour. Occasionally you can also experience auroras. It feels romantic.

If you take a short drive past the speed vault with your partner, you will land on a little mountain. The place is pollution free. You can experience the best stargazing.


Stargazing is the best sightseeing one would ever experience. If that is with your partner, you will cherish the moments for your lifetime. It is vital that you plan the trip to reach the spots during the night times.

You have seen a few best places for romantic stargazing with your partner. But you can also try other areas with thorough research online. Try to find the spots pollution free. That will give you a clear vision of the sky, stars, satellites, and auroras.

If you want to make your moments memorable for the rest of your life, pick peaceful zones for stargazing.

Natasa Pantelic
Natasa Pantelic

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