Rodent Control For Health And Safety: How To Protect Your Family And Pets

When you see the little cockroaches and flies in different corners of the home, along with mice and rats hopping from one almirah to another, it raises major questions related to health and safety. The situation gets alarming when you have small kids and pets in your home, as you must take care of them on their behalf.

So, when such invaders become a part of your home and kitchen, it’s time for you to use rodent control. It is the best way to reduce the entry of mice and rats into your home. Otherwise, repair at a later stage causes major damage, which is very expensive.

Here are some ways to protect your family and pets from mouse attacks.


The first preventive tip is that you should do everything you can to prevent these rodents’ entry. It would help if you began by removing the sources of food, water, and anything else that can provide shelter to the rodents. Secure food items in sealed plastic and glass containers and fix the leaky plumbing. You should close all places where these pests can enter and especially hide.

  • Use The Pesticides Correctly

You should keep the pets and children away from the area where the pesticides have been sprayed. Baits work as the first line of chemical defense as they work well against insects and rodents. They are effective and have the least level of risk attached to them, but you should store them in places away from the reach of children and pets.

You should ensure that the pesticides with any baits or traps should be used in targeted locations, not the whole room. Fogging devices should be used when it is necessary.

  • Disposing of The Pesticides And Containers

It will help if you read the description of the bottles so that you can get information about their use. Also, it would help if you did not forget to pay attention to the instructions for disposing of the pesticide and container.

Many communities have hazardous waste collections that accept unwanted pesticides. Hence, you should contact the waste disposal authorities to gain any information related to the same. Also, you should ensure that all the chemicals intended for outdoor use can be dangerous for indoor usage. It is because the toxicity for indoor usage can be more, and hence, it can cause more damage.


  • Keeping The Assumptions Away

It would help if you never assumed when it comes to going for rodent control or the use of pesticides. Also, there should be no assumptions that using more or twice is a better option. You should go through the label for instructions and ensure they are followed.

If you are using these beyond a certain limit, it can be harmful to the health of house inmates. Also, the pesticides should be stored in their original containers. Transferring them to other containers increases the risk, and also, there is more danger that people in your home or pets can contact them more often.


Rodent control is the best way to keep your home free from these unwanted inmates. However, while using pesticides, it is equally important to ensure they are away from people in the house, especially kids and pets. Otherwise, the results will be amazing for your home if done properly.

Kantar Anita
Kantar Anita

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