Clean Smarter, Not Harder with the OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best vacuum cleaners should offer quick and efficient cleaning. Moreover, with a robot vacuum cleaner, you will save time since all you have to do is set it. Best robot vacuum cleaners will also help you by auto-disposing dust, debris, and pet hair. However, getting the best robot vacuum cleaner can be difficult since several models are available.

Most of these models come with spinning brushes, filters, and side brushes for a good cleaning job. One of the best robotic vacuum cleaner models in the market is the OKP L1. This is a best quality robot vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust well and is simple to use. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner offers correct mapping and allows you to choose which areas to clean and which to avoid.

Product Description: OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most versatile and powerful robot cleaners. This device is fitted with improved LiDAR tech, which helps it to navigate around your home in a precise way. Furthermore, OKP L1 features a strong suction power of 3800Pa; hence, it can cater to any of your cleaning requirements, including pet hair and dust. OKP L1 also features a distinct inlet design. This stops pet hair from clogging its brush; hence it’s a suitable option for those living with pets.

OKP L1 supports several cleaning modes, and you can easily customize them to suit your cleaning experience with the help of the OKP app. The cleaning modes available include manual cleaning, spot cleaning, partial cleaning, or scheduled cleaning. To have hands-free operations, you can control this vacuum cleaner using a voice command since it supports Google assistance and Alexa.

OKP L1 vacuum cleaner can generate a map of your house. Thus, it will know the area it has already cleaned and the area it still requires to go. Furthermore, you can set up a no-go area; the device will not clean the stated areas.

With a smart anti-drop tech, this device is protected from falling off from the edges or down stairs. OKP L1 features a large HEPA filter box that has a capacity of 500ml. Thus, this anti-spill box will hold more in every clean, decreasing emptying frequency.

OKP L1 vacuum cleaner auto recognizes the floor placed on for effective and precise cleaning.

Features: OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

● Distinct Inlet Design

OKP L1 has a distinct inlet design that prevents pet hair from clogging the brush. This makes it a suitable choice for those having pets.

● 3800Pa Suction Power

OKP L1 features a powerful suction of 3800Pa; hence, it can pick up dust, pet hair, dirt, and other debris and is suitable for everyday cleaning needs.

● Multi-Clean Modes

The OKP L1 features numerous clean modes. Thus, you’ll be free to customize to your cleaning requirements. The cleaning modes available include spot cleaning, manual cleaning, programmed cleaning, and partial cleaning.

● Tap and Go Cleaning

Tap and Go Cleaning

With the help of an improved LiDAR FreeMove tech, OKP L1 knows where it’s supposed to clean. That can be on the floor, carpet, or under the sofa.

● Multi-Floor Mapping

The OKP L1 creates maps of several floors in your house, allowing it to clean your whole house efficiently. Furthermore, it’s suitable for use on both carpet and hard floors.

● Advanced LiDAR Navigation

OKP L1 uses improved LiDAR tech to scan your house and generate a real-time map. With this, OKP L1 will easily navigate through your home accurately as it avoids obstacles.

● Self-Charging and Long Run-Time Battery

OKP L1 vacuum cleaner can continuously run for about 150 minutes with a single charge or clean an area of about 150㎡ before it auto recharges.

● Smart OKP App

You can easily control the OKP L1 device using an OKP app. The application will help you to create a cleaning schedule, choose a suitable clean mode, and control cleaning direction. Furthermore, you can also use the OKP app to check OKP L1’s cleaning map.

● Large HEPA Filter Box

OKP L1 vacuum cleaner has a large visible anti-spill box with a capacity of 500ml. Thus, it will hold more dirt, decreasing the emptying frequency.

● No-Go Zones

With the OKP app, you can set up a no-go area on L1’s map. This will prevent it from cleaning the restricted regions.

● Voice Control

The OKP L1 is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa; thus, you can control it using a voice command. With this, you’ll have a hands-free operation that saves you time and energy.

● Anti-Drop Tech

This robotic vacuum cleaner features advanced smart protection of anti-drop technology. This technology will help prevent this device from falling off edges or stairs.


  • Long run-time battery
  • Automatic recharge feature
  • Multi-floor mapping
  • Tap and go cleaning
  • Has anti-drop technology
  • Features strong suction power
  • Comes with a HEPA filter box of 500ml
  • Clean house methodically with better coverage with less power consumption
  • Features improved LiDAR technology
  • Supports app and voice control
  • Suitable for both carpet and hard floor
  • Suitable for cleaning pet hair
  • With the OKP app, you can create a cleaning schedule
  • Features several clean modes
  • Great product for the price
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Slim design
  • Keep off zones


  • Can be noisy
  • Cleaning pattern is not overly efficient


If you need a smart and convenient method of cleaning your house, OKP L1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice for you. This vacuum cleaner utilizes improved LiDAR technology which helps it scan your house to create a real-time map. This helps it navigate its way precisely and efficiently. Furthermore, this device has a powerful suction power of 3800Pa; hence it can effectively clean your room. Its distinct inlet design doesn’t clog with the pet’s hair like with other rotating brushes making it suitable for pet lovers.

With the help of a smart OKP app, you will easily create a cleaning schedule, control the direction, and change the clean mode. The OKP L1 cleaner works with Google Assistant and Alexa hence using a voice command; you can start, pause, or stop the cleaning with a voice command.

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