Quirky Facts about Online Gambling – 2024 Guide

The gambling industry has been around for many years. There are so many unpredictable and odd things about this industry that attracts thousands of gamblers. Additionally, the fast working process and high internet connections allow players to get everything they want within seconds.

An online gambling environment is, therefore, more favorable for gambling than a physical one. Statistics show that 26% of the world’s population gamble. This represents about 1.6 billion people globally. There are players who think that gambling purely relies on luck. However, the truth is, you need some skills and experience to win from bets.

The majority of successful players understand basics, rules and payment terms. Let us look at some quirky facts about online gambling and casinos.

The Devil’s Game!

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Am sure you didn’t know about this one! Did you ever know that roulette is often known as the Devil’s Game? If not, that is why we are here for you. Roulette is nicknamed the ‘Devil’s Wheel’ due to its ability to send players’ credit ratings to hell.

Also, the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666. This is the number or mark of the beast. One question that players ask themselves is whether this is by coincidence or by design. Originally, numbers on a roulette wheel were placed there sequentially to avoid any form of cheating that would favor one side.

Perhaps, it would be important to let you know that roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal. Pascal was a Catholic theologian and French mathematician at the time. The history of Pascal inventing the game might be good, but there is a dark past to its beginnings that stretches back before Paris.

For instance, there are historians who contend that roulette was invented even before Pascal by at least 200 years. There is an explanation that points to the Chinese having a spinning stone of chance with animal drawings. Another version says that the monk who created the game went mad.

You Can’t Count Cards in Online Blackjack

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There is a high chance that you have seen films or shows where card counters make a lot of money. However, you have never seen someone sitting at home and making a lot of money from online blackjack. In fact, most people assume that card counting doesn’t work in online casinos. Although it works in certain cases, the real question should be whether it is profitable or not.

All players must understand why stigma exists against online card counting. The essence of card counting is to determine whether a player has a better chance of winning from blackjack. There is a reason why card counting doesn’t work in online casinos, and it has something to do with deck penetration.

Deck penetration refers to the number of decks that a casino deals before there is a shoe reshuffling. A higher deck penetration means placing more bets with increased confidence. Online game providers design blackjack games to reshuffle with a low deck penetration. You have a low chance of winning in this case. The low deck penetration is one reason why card counting doesn’t work.

Slots Bring in the Bucks

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For a long time, online slots have been the king of online casino gambling. The industry has seen increased competition among software suppliers with some adding exciting features such as jackpots, bonus rounds and free spins. Slots are also known for their low house edge compared to other online games which is why casinos always want you to play. However, there are several reasons why you can win a lot from slots.

First, the online environment is meant to work perfectly for online slots. Online slots are designed with more room for improvement and creativity. For instance, if you play online slots at PlatinCasino, you might be surprised every time you log in that the games are always evolving. This makes slots better each day.

A boom in virtual games is partly responsible for the popularity of online slots. You can conveniently play virtual games from the comfort of your room. With social distance becoming the norm, everyone seems to be avoiding physical casinos. Online slots also come in different shapes and forms.

If you visit any online casino, you are likely to come across hundreds of slots including, video slots, classic slots and jackpot slots. Another reason why players prefer online slots is that they can access it from all types of devices and systems. These devices and systems include desktops, tablets, smartphones, android, iOS, and windows.

Casinos Never Sleep

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If you are a serious casino player, you have certainly heard the saying ‘Casinos Never Sleep’. This can be interpreted to mean that casinos never close their operations or don’t need humans to operate. It is upon the gamblers playing in casinos to understand this and play responsibly.

All operations in online casinos are automated to function without any interference. For instance, all the games are developed using Random Number Generators (RNG) to ensure that outcomes are random and fair. If a player wants to cash out, they can do so at any time and from anywhere.

Most casinos also have in place dedicated and reliable customer support that is available 24/7. This means that you can get help from customer representatives any time you want. You will also interact with the exciting bonuses that are credited into your account automatically. You can only withdraw from the bonuses if you meet the wagering terms.


There is no argument that online gambling and casinos have become popular in the last couple of years. This is because online casinos have come up with exciting features to entice new players into signing up and keep existing players on the platforms. These include exciting bonuses, quality games and excellent customer support.

However, as a player, you must understand that each time you gamble, you are risking your own money. It is, therefore, your responsibility to find a trustworthy, secure and safe gambling site where you can gamble responsibly. The casino must have good reviews and reliable licenses from relevant authorities. Always risk what you can afford to lose.