How to Properly Clean Saltillo Tiles

If your commercial space has Saltillo flooring, then you already know how great that option can be. Apart from the fact that these carry a certain history with them and that they’re made from completely natural materials, Saltillo tiles are also known for providing people with quite a good feel on their feet, as well as for being durable. And, because they’re handmade and then left outside to dry, it’s not impossible to find a tile that has, for example, a dog’s footprint on it, making the product even more personal and interesting.

While caring for any types of tiles isn’t exactly that complicated, some are more difficult than others. The Saltillo flooring is usually easy to care for when first installed, but if neglected for a while, cleaning it can turn into a nightmare. Taking care of them regularly, however, will ensure that not only their longevity, but also their beautiful appearance. If they, nevertheless, lose their shine at one point, you can always reseal them to recover it.

The sealers are, however, among those things that make the cleaning part more difficult. And so is the fact that the Saltillo tiles tend to be quite soft and porous. Determining if a topical sealer has been applied before actually starting the cleaning process will make it easier for you to figure out how to actually do the cleaning the right way. Not knowing how to care for this flooring will probably have you unhappy with its condition after a while.

So, learning how to care for these tiles is necessary if you have them in any of your properties, and especially commercial ones. Understanding the actual process you’ll have to go through so as to keep this flooring in great shape, and the steps you’ll have to regularly take so as to ensure that these will not only look amazing but also last for a long time, is certainly a must. So, what we’ll do right now is this. I’ll teach you about how to properly clean the Saltillo tiles by letting you know of those important steps to take in the process, after which you’ll be ready to care for such flooring perfectly.

Start With Sweeping And Vacuuming

Maintaining cleanliness starts with either sweeping or vacuuming the Saltillo tiles on a regular basis. While vacuuming is easier, some people prefer to quickly sweep the floors several times a day. The uneven edges are a part of the appeal and while they certainly contribute to the beauty of these tiles, the unevenness leads to collecting dirt in the grout.

Keeping the dirt from piling up, with a vacuum cleaner of course, will make it easier for you to care for the tiles in the long-run. So, daily vacuuming or sweeping is a must, and most people tend to keep the vacuum cleaner at hand and vacuum several times a day, whenever they find a few moments.

Mopping Is Next

Having sealed tiles means that every time you are mopping, and you’ll probably be doing that at least once a week, you are actually cleaning the seal coat, which is perfectly fine. From time to time, though, removing the sealer and cleaning the actual tiles underneath can make a huge difference.

You may not even notice that these need cleaning, since you’re used to the appearance and to the sealer, but mopping underneath the sealer will show you just how wrong you were in thinking that this doesn’t need to be done. Doing this far too often is not necessary, but you should aim at cleaning like this at least once a year.

When cleaning your Saltillo flooring, it’s important to be careful about the actual products you’re using, as some of them can be too strong, leading to damaging the floor. Using cleaning agents made specifically for tiles is the best thing to do, but if you’re still worried about the damage, you can dilute those with water. A mop will be fine if the floors need to be refreshed quickly, but if you have some more time, using a gentle brush or a cleaning pad can do a better job.

Scrubbing The Grout Will Make A Huge Difference


We’ve made it clear that the uneven edges lead to dirt being collected in the grout. Overtime, it will turn darker, due to the accumulation of debris and dust. Scrubbing the grout, with a brass wire toothbrush being the most effective tool you can use for this, you’ll notice a huge improvement in the cleanliness and the overall appearance of your Saltillo tiles.

Keep in mind, though, that the sealer will eventually flake of and that cleaning won’t be able to fix such a problem, so if you notice that, you’ll likely have to reseal.

Use Cleaning Services

Relying on commercial cleaning in Albuquerque is undeniably the best way to care for your Saltillo tiles. Using these services will lead to having professionals take care of the flooring perfectly, allowing you to relax and not to worry about any damage whatsoever.

The experts you’ll choose will know precisely which tools and which products to use so as to keep the floors shiny without ever damaging the beautiful tiles. And, using these services regularly will keep the space fresh and clean at all times, which is certainly a big deal.

But Make Sure To Choose Great Ones


The trick here, however, is in choosing the perfect commercial cleaning company in Albuquerque to provide you with these specific services. Going for experienced and reliable professionals is a must, because choosing unreliable ones could lead to the damage you’ve been trying to avoid.

Thus, checking their reputation is highly important, and so is interviewing a few firms with the aim of determining which one can offer you the best services and the best price for those. Agreeing on a price that works for you in the long-run is important, especially if you’re planning on using these services quite often.

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