How Profitable Is The Streaming Side Of Video Games – 2024 Guide

Before the commencement of the article, it is certainly important for you to understand the relevance of live streaming in the life of an individual. In a generic sense, live streaming refers to playing video games online or watching people play in the sports arena. However, to talk specifically, there are a massive number of people who consider the concept of live streaming as a profit-making business and earn money sitting at home. Game Live Streaming platform GameSee.Tv says, before the pandemic, the gameplay could be considered a hobby and consequently, after the pandemic people became eager to make a livelihood out of it rather than just watch the gameplay.

It is very easy to grasp ideas from an established business or an established platform, however, excelling in stereotypical business is a child’s play but crawling into the field of observation and practice requires determination. Getting into live streaming confers to intensified energy and optimum hard work and thus making lifestreaming your bread and butter requires effort more than smart work.

Ways Of Harvesting Income From Live Streaming

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Firstly, being active on the streaming platforms is fundamental to earning money. Receiving remuneration on a regular basis even if it is a scanty amount, calls for an appreciation of your performance in any way and this is why it is said, a penny earned is a penny saved. A strong support system is required to receive payments on a regular basis and in case one is unable to be a part of the regular payroll then they should try various other ways to make money while playing video games. Various platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Facebook live etcetera help the users to access the channels by meeting the eligibility criteria of each program. The platform of Twitch supports paid subscriptions and helps an individual earn if you are a partner or a member of the program.

Any platform that you use for your live streaming, make sure that it allows you to get subscribed and in succession to this, make videos of gratitude for people who tend to support you. Having being tipped from your fans or getting donations from your fans is another way of earning profit through live streaming. It certainly proves that recognition and appreciation matter to keep your head high and remain motivated for suture prospects. Youtube uses “Superchat” to make tips seem visible to the viewers, moreover, your affiliation with Twitch lets you earn a cent for every bit the viewers incorporate while cheering. The platform of mixer makes your payrolls by providing you enough skills on the platform in order to amplify your payroll.

There are people who fear downfall or rejection in social standing on the live streaming platforms. In that case, it is not mandatory to have subscriptions and recognition through these live streaming platforms, rather, one can easily use third-party platforms, to rule out the donations and subscriptions. More than everything, advertisements play a very important role in earning profit through live streaming. All reputed and renowned live streaming platforms offer ads and to be able to give a detailed description, Youtube and Facebook Live offer, mid-roll ads if you meet the eligibility criteria. Twitch on the other hand offers in-stream as well as display ads.

Last but not the least, certainly it is observed that having a great following on the streaming platforms confers to various brands for promotions. It is quite obvious that brands start reaching out to you. Various ways through which you can make revenue while dealing with brands are commendable sponsorships, banners of your profile, or some sponsored content by a game developer that lets you experience challenging gameplay.

Some Important Aspects In Live Streaming

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Predominantly, the CPU of the streaming PC holds wide importance as it acts as a spine to take the burden of all the audio and video games. A robust processor has the ability to put the recording of the gameplay on track, by using premium quality encoding machines to maintain the graphics and the intrinsic framerate.

People acquainted with technical knowledge are aware of the chips being possessed by high core counts and clock speeds. An audio setup of sky high quality, along with a webcam with a certain resolution speed of 720p, depending upon the kind of streaming being done.


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Usually, people tend to use 16GB of high-speed DDR4 memory for fast processing during the gameplay. However, to avoid any kind of slowdown or glitch to take place during the gameplay, users are advised to incorporate 32GB for better processing.


Significantly, a graphics card is one of the essential key aspects while streaming. Rich graphics tend to give better gameplay and extraordinary performance. Premium-quality graphics cards help the process of automation and encoding to keep going flawlessly. Graphic cards like AMD and Nvidia act as a catalyst for the better performance of the gameplay as these cards incorporate an extra option of shadowplay to have impeccable streaming.


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A solid-state drive is paramount in gaming PC used for Twitch or Youtube and various other live streaming platforms. This imperative storage component has the capacity to run heavily loaded screens and keep up with the encoding software in the best possible way. Consequently, solid-state drive plays a vital role in live streaming and string the recording for the future as it requires immense space. Therefore, High-speed HDD is also a must.


Withstanding the facts mentioned above, it is important for the streamers or the users to know that they might be trapped by the stalkers or fall victim to stalking as it usually happens with celebrities. Also, one should take care of stream sniping, where the streamer tends to gain knowledge or tactics by watching the game of the enemy player as it might backfire in some way or the other. Certainly, we take care of benefits and afflictions and while we see the other side of the coin, streaming live makes you your own boss and promotes the growth of your career. The amount of hours you put in and the way you play is directly proportional to achieving fame, however, lifestreaming comes from that pool of opportunities which certainly does not require particular strata and probably, felicitates the ones who are deserving.