How To Prepare Your House Exterior for Painting – 2024 Guide

Are you ready to give your house exterior a fresh paint job in 2024? Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or you’re trying your hand at painting for the first time, this guide will help you get ready for success! Read on to find out the essential steps for preparing your house exterior and transforming it into a thing of beauty.

The benefits of prepping your exterior before painting


Preparing your house exterior before painting is the best way to ensure a great paint job and maximize longevity. Properly preparing the surface of your house siding or trim, as well as any outdoor surfaces such as windows, doors, and railings, can help improve the appearance of your home, increase its value, and protect it from environmental damage. By properly preparing these surfaces before painting, you can extend the life of your paint job and enjoy an enhanced level of aesthetics for much longer. Additionally, you should check out to get more information about prepping your house.

When prepping for a new paint job on the exterior of your home, there are several key steps to cover:

  1. Power Washing: This method helps remove any build up on siding and other surfaces that can impact the quality of a fresh coat.
  2. Scraping: Old peeling or bubbling paint should be completely removed before applying a new coat.
  3. Sanding/Priming: Sanding down rough patches in order to create a smooth finish and priming to even out stains prior to applying any new coats can help maximize adherence.
  4. Covering Plants: Make sure to cover up any trees or shrubs that may come into contact with overspray when painting.

Tips for prepping your exterior for painting


Before you begin your painting project, it is important to properly prepare your house’s exterior. This can include extensive repairs to the exterior of your home, such as replacing rotted wood or siding and patching any cracks or other areas of damage. But, even if the surface is in good repair, you must still complete some steps to ensure a successful paint job.

  1. Wash the existing paint: You should scrub down the existing paint on your home’s exterior with a sponge or pressure washer before you start painting. This will help remove dirt and other debris that may have built up over time, promoting adhesion for any new layers of paint you apply to your house’s exterior.
  2. Clean out crevices and trim: Make sure to clean out any nooks and crannies using an old toothbrush to ensure that sticks, stones and leaves are removed before painting them over with fresh coats of paint. Also clean the trim around windows and doors since dirt builds up quickly in these areas – this helps ensure a seamless end result when finished painting.
  3. Fill scratches or holes: Fill in any obvious scratches or holes with wood putty that matches the color of wood on your house’s exterior so it blends seamlessly once painting starts; this helps hide flaws in old coats of paint that could create ugly blemishes when finished! Make sure the putty is completely dry before moving onto the priming step (as outlined below). Hold off on sanding until after priming which involves using a fine-grit sandpaper for best results (skip this step if using a pre-primed product).


When it comes to giving your home’s exterior a new look with a fresh coat of paint, preparation is key. Properly preparing your exterior surfaces before painting can improve the longevity and appearance of the paint job. Take your time to complete all necessary steps and follow the advice provided here to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Radulovic Jovica
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