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A power of attorney is a legal document that gives authority over a thing to a different party. It designates an individual as the other person’s attorney-in-fact or agent in their absence or unavailability. A legal document known as a power of attorney is created to grant authority in a certain legal fashion.

Here are some examples of when you might need a power of attorney:

  • When you legally authorise your partner, your children, or anybody else close to you to manage all of your financial concerns on your behalf and in your absence.
  • Or When you require one of your workers or subordinates to manage the company’s finances or make managerial choices while you are away or unavailable.
  • When you want someone in your family or circle of friends to take care of several things on your behalf, including financial and medical matters.
  • When you need someone to do your obligations and chores for a set amount of time.

Personal power of attorney and business power of attorney are the two primary forms of power of attorney Dubai.

General POA, Vehicle POA, Child travel POA, Marriage POA, Inheritance POA, Property POA, Property dispute POA, Court case POA, and Police clearance POA are all examples of personal POA.

Business POA, on the other hand, deals with organisational issues: POA for the company, POA for the purchase of shares, POA for the sale of shares, POA for the purchase of assets, POA for the sale of assets, POA for the general manager, POA for the local partner, POA for the formation of the company, and POA for the litigation of the company.

Power of Attorney Notarization in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

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In the UAE, the power of attorney is reviewed by a notary public. After you submit the power of attorney and the attestation costs, it is stamped as a legal instrument. The power of attorney should be written in Arabic in the UAE. If the application is not in Arabic, a person can also file a translation of the application. If the power of attorney is granted by someone from outside the UAE, it must first be authenticated by the UAE embassy in the nation where the UAE embassy is located. The Foreign Affairs department in the UAE will then attest to it. If there is no UAE Embassy in a certain nation, the power of attorney might be attested at a neighboring country’s UAE Embassy. You can also seek assistance from private notary services in Dubai, UAE.

Documents needed to Notarize a Standard Power of Attorney

There are several documents that must be presented in front of the notary public in UAE at the time of notarization for the power of attorney. These include:

  • The principal’s original passport.
  • One passport photocopy of the principal.
  • Three notarized copies of the power of attorney are required.
  • The principal’s original Emirates ID card.
  • One copy of the principal’s Emirates ID card.

For the purpose of replacing the Agent or revoking the Power of Attorney in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

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You can withdraw or replace a signed power of attorney at any time. It makes no difference why you wish to cancel or replace the power of attorney. You can revoke the power of attorney by first writing a Revocation of Power of Attorney Declaration. It is important to note that you must declare that you no longer wish to retain the individual as attorney-in-fact. In addition, you must sign the revocation form in front of the UAE notary public. Furthermore, you must notify your agent via registered mail or the bailiff of the notary public.

What happens if the principal passes away?

The power of attorney is only valid as long as the principal is alive. When the principal dies, the power of attorney is no longer valid. Other documents, such as the principal’s Will and Testament, are followed after his or her death. These documents are followed up on after the principal’s death, and legal proceedings are done in accordance with them.

In conclusion, the Power of Attorney (POA) in Dubai is a legal instrument of paramount importance, offering a framework for individuals and businesses to delegate authority and make crucial decisions in a well-structured and legally binding manner. The unique legal landscape of Dubai enhances the significance of the POA, as it aligns with the Emirate’s vision of business growth and economic development.

The Dubai POA underscores the values of efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Its well-defined legal framework ensures that authorized representatives, or attorneys-in-fact, operate with a high degree of responsibility, making it an essential tool for individuals and corporations engaged in various aspects of business and personal affairs within the Emirate.

Furthermore, the Dubai POA serves as a cornerstone for international investors, facilitating their ability to conduct business, make investments, and manage properties in this thriving global hub. Its flexibility and adaptability accommodate a wide array of purposes, ranging from real estate transactions to business operations, thereby providing a solid foundation for both residents and non-residents to navigate the complexities of the Dubai business landscape.

The issuance and use of a Power of Attorney in Dubai are underscored by the importance of due diligence, careful consideration, and adherence to local laws. Ensuring that the document accurately reflects the principal’s intent, and selecting trustworthy attorneys-in-fact, is vital. Additionally, the regulatory framework in Dubai emphasizes transparency, which further reinforces the POA’s credibility and reliability.

In summary, the Power of Attorney in Dubai is a potent legal tool that encapsulates the Emirate’s commitment to fostering business growth, safeguarding individuals’ interests, and enhancing the transparency of legal procedures. It is a testament to Dubai’s dedication to providing a conducive environment for both local and international entities to flourish while adhering to legal norms. The Dubai POA stands as a symbol of the city’s alignment with global best practices, making it an indispensable element of the legal landscape in the Emirate.

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