Poker Rules and Combinations

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Today there are several interesting variations of this entertainment.. Each one has its own rules.

Today, together with an expert from the world of gambling Yurii Mykhailiuta, we will understand the principles of the game in classical poker , as well as the combinations that each beginner must learn.

Classic Poker Combinations


Before learning the official rules of poker, it’s a good idea to know the poker combinations. All of them can be divided into the following subgroups:

  • traditional poker high combinations;
  • Ace-to-Five lowball combinations;
  • lowball combinations from a two to a seven;
  • badugi combinations.

Traditional combinations are used in poker such as Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw. Ace-to-five combinations are used in high-low, razz and stack high-low, and 2-7 single-draw and 2-7 triple-draw combinations are used in two-to-seven.

In such a kind of poker as badugi, there are special combinations that are not used anywhere else. Below you can see the traditional card combinations in poker:

  • straight flush – five consecutive cards of the same suit;
  • a square – four cards of the same suit and one additional card;
  • full house – three cards of the same suit and two other cards of the same suit;
  • flush – five cards of the same suit;
  • straight – five cards in succession by seniority;
  • three-card set – three cards of the same suit and two additional cards;
  • two pair – two cards of the same suit, two cards of another suit, and one additional card;
  • pair – two cards of the same rank and three other cards;
  • high card – any combination which does not belong to the above categories;
  • a flush royal – the best combination in poker, which is a straight flush from a ten to an ace.

Knowing these combinations will be enough to start playing classic poker or hold’em. However, before you play for real money, it is recommended to try out your own strength in the demo versions of the slot.

Find them in a miami club casino. Bets in them are made in the in-game currency. The user does not spend personal money, while it gets an opportunity to improve his own skills and gain experience. In addition to poker, you can find other interesting card games in this casino, such as baccarat, blackjack and others.

Poker: Complete Table Rules


Using poker instructions for dummies, novice gamers can learn the rules of this game. They will give you the basics, which will be helpful for further learning. The first thing to understand is how the game starts.

Every hand in poker begins with mandatory bets. Before it, the two players sitting to the right of the dealer make a small blind and a big blind. These bets are needed to create an initial pot that players can compete for.

After that, the poker players get two cards face down. The game begins at this point. Next, gamers go clockwise according to the order they are placed at the table. As a rule, they choose one of these actions:

Check This is a skip move. It can only be used when nobody has bet in the current round before. The check passes the right to move to the next player sitting on the left. If all players choose to skip a move, they stay in the hand and the round ends. It is important to note that a check does not show unwillingness to fight for the pot, as it is just a rejection of the opportunity to play in that hand.
Bet If there are no bets in the current round, the player may bet. In this way, he sets the price for the continuation of the game. The players sitting after him must decide what to do next: fold, call, or raise.
Fold It’s a pass. The gamer who makes a fold, discards his cards and refuses to participate further in the fight for the total pot. After a fold, the player can no longer take part in that hand, as his cards go into the discard.
Call If there is a bet in the current round, the player may call and add as many chips to the pot as the last player’s bet or raise.
Raise This is an opportunity to raise the bet. This option is used when a player has a strong combination in his hand. For the further game, poker players must either level it up or make a re-raise (second raise).

These are the basic betting rules in poker. Next, we’ll talk about what the stages of betting are and how the winner of the round is determined.

The Poker Game: Betting Circles


The number of betting circles used in poker depends on the type of poker. Since Texas Hold’em and O’Hara are the most popular types of this game, we will look at what is used in them. There are four in total:

  • pre-flop – begins after the players receive cards dealt with their hands shirt down;
  • flop – held after the first three common cards are dealt;
  • turn – starts after the end of the flop round;
  • river – the last round, which is held after the fifth common card is dealt.

In each round, the betting continues until all players have either leveled off or discarded their cards. Once one round is completed, there is one total card added and the bidding begins again. Once it appears on the table, players analyze their final combinations and conduct the final round.

Showdown – Revealing Cards in Poker


The showdown of cards is only available to those players who tied the previous poker player’s bet in the last round. Those who made a fold, stop participating in the fight for the pot. Basically, gamers show their cards not simultaneously, but one by one.

The first to open is the player who was the last to bet in the previous round. If no bets were made on the river, the player to the right of the dealer shows his hand first. After the showdown, the user with the strongest hand takes the entire pot for himself.

Once the player takes the pot for himself, the next stage of the game begins. The dealer’s button moves to the next player, new blinds are placed, new closed cards are dealt, and the betting rounds begin.

A beginner player can get a little confused about all the rules of the game. However, he should not worry if he bets in the virtual casino, as the hand will always be calculated for the gamer.

Betting Limits


Some casino users play poker for fun, so they choose low limits. Others use this entertainment as an additional source of income. It is important to determine the type of limit to choose a suitable mode of the game. In total, there are such types:

  • no limit;
  • pot-limit;
  • fixed limit.

Thanks to the no-limit structure, players can make a bet or a raise of any size during their turn. If the gamer has a strong hand and is confident of winning, he can bet all the chips he has.

Pot-limit means a bet that will not exceed the amount of the pot. A fixed bet is determined in advance before the start of the game. In this case, users can only bet on a certain amount of money without exceeding it.


The first mention of poker dates back to 1821 . Since that time, this game has not lost its popularity. Gamers from all over the world compete against each other in tournaments to get the title of best poker player.

To become one of them, you first need to learn the basic rules of the game, which have been explained in detail in this article.

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