Personal Safety Tips for New Escorts in Australia

New escorts in Australia are quite often very naïve when it comes to their personal safety. so if you are looking for some personal safety tips to stay safe when working as an escort in Australian cities such as Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne please feel free to read this info.

When Starting as a New Escort


When starting as a new escort in Australia it’s important to understand some personal basic safety tips that will help prevent nasty scenarios that may happen in your early days as an escort.
Many of them are just common sense, however, some of these personal safety tips may not be as obvious to new or even existing escorts.

Don’t Wear Expensive Jewelry

New escorts should be aware that expensive jewellery shouldn’t be worn when seeing clients as there is always the risk of it being stolen once your back is turned. If possible, keep your expensive jewellery in a safe, tucked away and hidden in a drawer and hidden away from the client’s clear vision.

Don’t Wear Dangling Earrings

Try and avoid wearing dangling earrings when you work as an escort as they can be accidentally ripped out by clients and you may find yourself in a medical situation that can’t be avoided.

Remove Necklaces


In general, necklaces can be very dangerous, especially long dangling necklaces that can tangle around your hair and neck. Avoid dangling necklaces at all costs, remove them before you start work as an escort and don’t put them back on again until your shift is over.

Don’t Wear Bulky Dangling Bracelets

The same goes for bulky dangling bracelets, make sure you remove them before you see your first client for the day, you can never be too careful! In the case that you have to flee quickly from a client, you want to make sure that your jewellery won’t get caught on anything on the way out the door, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Supply Your Own Condoms

As a new escort, you may not be aware that supplying your own condoms is highly advisable and less of a security risk. Condoms can easily be tampered with, plus you don’t know if a condom that a client supplies are out of its expiry date or high quality.

Supervise The Use Of Condoms


Some untrustworthy clients will purposefully put a hole in condoms when you’re not watching, so if you are a new escort, make sure you watch clients remove the condom from the sealed wrapper and put it on, you never know if clients will sneakily put their finger through the condom to create a hole.

You also need to watch when clients are behind you that they don’t try and remove their condom, it has been known to happen, therefore compromising your health and safety, just be aware!!

Don’t Accept Food or Drink From Clients

Excepting food or drinks from clients is a personal security risk and it is highly advisable not to eat or drink items that have been supplied by clients.
You will never know if the food has been tampered with and if your drink has been spiked, so it’s always best to decline anything edible by a client that hasn’t been hygienically sealed. Even if you come across to clients as ungrateful, it’s still better than being drugged, so politely decline when clients offer to bring food with them.

What Do High-End Escorts Do?

Some high-end escorts who tour within larger cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will prepare themselves or order in food platters to share with their clients.

Never Leave Clients Unattended


If you are thinking of providing this particular service as part of your escort services, then it is highly advisable that you never leave the food platter or beverages unattended at any time during your time together as some clients may try to lace your food and beverages with drugs leaving you unconscious and in danger.

Check Client’s Nails

New escorts may not be aware just how dangerous sharp, long and dirty nails can be, so before you commence your escort services, make sure that you check each and every client’s nails before you start service.

What If a Client Has Sharp and Dirty Nails?

Sharp nails can scratch you in less desirable places and cause infection. The same goes with dirty nails, you really don’t want dirty unkempt hands and nails to be anywhere near your lady bits, therefore it’s always best to politely ask clients to clip their nails and clean them before they arrive to see you.

If clients forget to clip or clean their nails beforehand, make sure that you always have some nail clippers and a nail brush available so they can quickly clean and clip them before you commence.

Don’t Use Drugs and Alcohol


When working as an escort you should never be on drugs or drink alcohol as yourself, nor should you allow clients to be intoxicated either! You may find yourself in a very dangerous situation if you are on drugs or intoxicated, therefore it’s always best to stay away from any type of substance that will make you vulnerable.

Always be in Control

New escorts need to be aware that they always need to be in control when they are with clients, even if they are with a regular client. Staying in control and having your wits about you is absolutely essential when you are seeing clients, so make sure that you always put your personal safety first and stay safe.

In Summary

New escorts should always take extra persuasion at first to ensure their personal safety, once you learned the ropes and have more confidence, then you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

Remove all jewellery before seeing clients and make sure you supply your own condoms.
Make sure that you are always in control and never under the influence of drugs and alcohol, your personal safety depends on it!

Stay Safe!

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