PC Matic vs Avast – 2024 Guide 

The word “virus” gives a nightmare to all computer users. So, several antivirus companies are doing good business by selling different antivirus. An individual program or a set of programs that detect and eliminate any software virus is known as an antivirus. A virus is also equipped to remove malicious software like a Trojan. Different types of antivirus are available in the market. PC Matic and Avast are two popular antiviruses available in the market.

Now, let us do a comparative study of PC Matic vs Avast, so that customers may decide which of the two they can buy. You can get to know more about it at bestantiviruspro.org

Comparative study between PC Matic and Avast:

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Both of them have some standard features. Both of them are equipped with Adware prevention, anti-spam, and anti-worm. The two of them also have ticket support and are compatible with Windows. Now, let us look at the differences between the two:

  1. Price: The price of any antivirus is subject to change. However, as of now, the annual subscription of Avast is lesser than that of Matic. Both of them have a free option. However, the paid plan offers better protection.
  2. Email Protection: Avast offers email protection. PC Matic doesn’t offer email protection.
  3. Chat protection: Both of them protect chats.
  4. Features: PC Matic offers a decent level of internet security. It provides a set of optimization functions. This multi-functional program deletes junk from the hard drive. 30-day money protects the computer network, includes program threat protection, online adblocker, and 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers an anti-rootkit security layer and anti-malware protection. Also, it detects and eliminates spyware.

On the other hand, Avast is modern, ultra-light protection. It offers minimal load on the system resources.

  1. Security: SuperShield is the primary security component of PC Matic. It operates on a whitelist basis. This reputed antivirus prevents unwanted programs from entering the computer. It also protects the computer against malicious scripts, detects and deletes the 8issues, which causes the system to slow down unnecessarily. Avast premium security is slightly more advanced than the other one. The annual subscription package of PC Matic is more economical if the customer wants to simultaneously support up to five computers. The same plan of Avast allows the users to support up to ten computers at the same time. Avast creates a white list, while the other one creates a white list.

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Avast analyzes the files, which are a potential threat in the cloud. It fixes the threat. This anti-ransomware detects the virus and spyware and malware on a real-time basis. This antivirus detects the suspicious behavior of individual files and poses to be an immediate threat. Such files are automatically deleted. It identifies the issues caused by hidden malware through a scan and protects fake sites that try to steal credit cards. However, PC Mast is known to provide marginally better security than Avast. PC Matic optimizes internet settings to enhance security and disables unnecessary features. PC Matic and Avast provide close competition to each other in this regard. Avast detects the vulnerability in the Wi-Fi network of the home, to protect it against hacking. It removes the unnecessary toolbars and other extensions from the browser.

  1. Highlights: Avast is compatible with all modern platforms. PC Matic is user-friendly and works with even obsolete versions of computers.

Avast provides multiple levels of security against malware. While the other one has adopted a unique approach to detect and eliminate malware. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, starting from XP. It also provides full support to Android.

  1. Support comparison: PC Matic doesn’t support live chat. It provides support through phone and email. Customers are also allowed to raise tickets when they need any help with the antivirus. The customer care executives of PC Matic are the winners because they take a shorter period to answer the questions.
  2. Additional Features: PC Matic rectifies the register errors, disables unnecessary tasks, and optimizes internet settings.

Avast permanently deletes any file which permits the user to borrow or sell. However, it doesn’t allow the privacy of the user to be compromised. It also blocks notifications so that the user may watch and play full-screen games without any hindrance. It prevents the surveillance of nosy people and untrustworthy apps. It protects all the accounts with a secure password. Its automatic updates help users get the latest version of the app. So, it maintains optimum security.

PC Matic isn’t equipped with a password manager or firewall. The other one prevents infected emails from entering the inbox or from leaving the outbox. So, it offers more additional features than PC Matic.

  1. Compatibility: Avast antivirus is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Android.  On the other hand, PC Matic was only Compatible with Windows for quite some time. Recently, this antivirus has become compatible with Android versions 4.4 and higher. Now, it has also become compatible with macOS 10.12 and higher. Avast is more popular because it is compatible with all popular platforms.
  2. Interface: Avast has a clean interface, which removes complications. The protection panel alone has eight buttons, which makes it appear not very easy. However, the users get used to it soon. PC Matic has an organized interface too. It has many options available on the main screen. It prevents pop-ups from frequently appearing to distract the customers.
  3. Antivirus performance: PC Matic is an excellent choice for customers who own obsolete systems. Avast starts defending the customers by scanning the files against known viruses. It does not suffer from false positives, unlike PC Matic.


Recently, a third-party software tester declared that Avast is the leader among antiviruses. It scored 17 points out of 18, for remarkable performance.  People cannot imagine a computer or a smartphone without an antivirus. However, any antivirus in the market doesn’t offer value for its money.

So, customers settle for the best antivirus available in the market. Both Avast and PC Matic offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. The customers need to look for features like a high detection rate for malware, accessible- to-use interface. Despite offering stiff competition, Avast remains a more popular choice among customers than  Pc Matic.