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First of all, does anyone else think the Instagram algorithm makes things awkward sometimes? I'll be scrolling through my feed when I come across a photo that I love. I give it a double tap, only to discover that it was from 2 weeks ago. Makes me look like a total creeper! Do any of you feel like that?
Second, I've got a dynamite recipe for One-Pot Sausage and Veggie Rice. Yes, it's Monday, and I don't think any of us feel like washing more dishes than we need to.
Go grab the details on the blog (link in bio)!
#ButteredSideUp #onepotmeal #dinnersorted
Have you ever tried to make popcorn over the stove, only to end up with a pan of burnt kernels? I've got you covered. Stovetop popcorn is super easy, but you MUST follow my directions carefully. Go grab the tutorial over on @thepioneerwoman's @pwfoodfriends - link in bio!
PS - I shared how much butter I like to put on my popcorn (hint: it's nearly a stick). #ButteredSideUp #pwfoodfriends #havealittlepopcornwithyourbutter #moviesnacks #popcornlover
#ad NEW: If you're curious about what a blogging stay-at-home mom does in a day, check out my latest post live on the blog right now: My Daily Routine. I'm also talking about my current favorite water bottle: the @anchorhocking glass bottle (hint: I kind of really love it). 💛
Go check out the post (link in bio) and leave a comment over there! 😘
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Are you bored with your breakfasts? Well, I've got 3 ideas for omelette fillings over on @thepioneerwoman's @pwfoodfriends. This was my personal favorite: Tex-Mex! I even made my own chorizo from scratch (I shared the recipe in the comments of that post). Go check it out on Pioneer Woman's blog (link in bio)!
#ButteredSideUp #pwfoodfriends #omelette #breakfastoftheday
NEW POST: Meal Prep Roasted Veggie Breakfast Bowls! Today on the blog I'm talking about Helen starting school (😭) and how you can make your mornings less hectic with these make-ahead breakfast bowls (pssst: they're #paleo and #whole30 friendly!).
Link to post in bio!
#ButteredSideUp #eatyourveggies #whole30breakfast #paleoish
If there's one snack that's difficult for me to stop eating, it's Homemade Salted Caramel Corn. Seriously, this is so addicting. Perfect for munching while you cozy up and watch something fun or read a book.
Grab the recipe in the blog archives! Link in bio.
What snack is difficult for YOU to stop eating? Also, what shows do you enjoy on Netflix? I got a free trial, but I'm overwhelmed by everything (I like to watch things that are PG or G, unless I can watch it on Vid Angel - yep, I'm an old fuddy duddy). #ButteredSideUp #caramelcorn #homemadefood
So you think you hate Brussels Sprouts, hmmm? Have you ever tried ROASTED Brussels sprouts? They are scrumptious! You could totally top them with Parmesan cheese if you so wish. Man, I gotta remember to do that next time!
Go grab the recipe in the archives of Buttered Side Up (link in bio). #ButteredSideUp #eatyourveggies #brusselssprouts #jerf #wapf
NEW POST: It's finally here! My Creamy Roasted Garlic Mushroom Soup! If you watch my stories, I teased you with this soup a week or so ago. It's got lovely roasted garlic, loads of mushrooms, and cream, duh! This is perfect for a chilly fall evening.
Go grab the recipe on the blog (link in bio) and make it this week!
#ButteredSideUp #souplover
You guys. This Korean-inspired ramen is one of the most delicious things I've ever made. I want to eat it for supper every night. Double tap if you love ramen too!
You can go grab the details about how to make it on my latest post on @thepioneerwoman's blog: 3 Ways to Elevate Instant Ramen! Link in bio. You don't want to miss this one.
#pwfoodfriends #ButteredSideUp #ramen #koreanfood
Check out my latest post on @pwfoodfriends - One-Pot Sausage, Fennel, Arugula, and Tomato Rice! This dish is so flavorful, and it comes together in only one pot. Less dishes = win.
Tap the link in my bio to head to Pioneer Woman's blog to get the recipe!
#ButteredSideUp #onepotmeal #easydinner
You guys...there's officially less than a week of summer left! 😩 It definitely feels and looks like fall already here in Northern Minnesota, but I don't want to call it until it's official.
You could squeeze in one more homemade ice cream before Sep. about this Tiramisu Ice Cream? It's made with creamy mascarpone cheese, coffee, and Kahlua.
Click the link in my profile to get the recipe!
#ButteredSideUp #icecreamofinsta #goodbyesummer
You know what's a major disappointment? A DRY sandwich. I hate it when I order a sandwich or burger at a restaurant and there's nothing spread on it. Anyone with me?
I've got 6 ideas for what to spread on your sandwich to take it to the next level.
You can head over to @pwfoodfriends, or tap @ericaleakastner and hit the link in my bio if you hate dry sandwiches as much as I do! Make sure to leave a comment on my blog with your favorite sandwich spread. 😊
#ButteredSideUp #baconisgoodforme #sandwichtime
Pesto is kind of like a secret flavor boosting weapon. It really packs a punch. Stir it into some pasta along with chicken, tomatoes, and sundried tomatoes and you've got yourself a delicious pasta salad. 😋 You can also freeze it for long-term storage.
You can grab the (easy) recipe for this homemade pesto in the blog archives. Clickable link in bio!
#sponsored NEW POST: Overnight French Bread + A Care Package with @bobsredmill! You guys, this is one of my favorite loaves of bread to make. It's so easy, saves you time, and turns out beautifully again and again. I love waking up and sliding this loaf into the oven for super fresh bread.
Grab the recipe + the details about how I put together this spaghetti dinner gift basket on the blog - link in profile!
#BRMCares #ButteredSideUp #homemadebread
Summer is aaaaalmost over (doesn't it feel like fall as soon as September rolls around?), so it's time to think about preserving the last of summer's bounty. Even if you're horrible at canning (so am I), you can totally handle making this peach jam. It's so easy, and kind of like bottling up a bit of summer for the cold months.
You can grab the recipe over in the blog archives (link in profile).
#ButteredSideUp #peaches #goodbyesummer
NEW POST: What I Ate Wednesday! Click that link in my profile if you're interested in seeing what I ate in a day.
P.S. I also included my first ever vlog! Woohoo!
#ButteredSideUp #WhatIAteWednesday
NEW POST on Buttered Side Up: How to Make Croutons Over the Stove! I love homemade croutons, but I don't like turning on my oven in the summer unless I have to.
I've got a tutorial/recipe on the blog (link in profile).
If you're a fan of Dutch Baby/German Pancakes, you're going to love this dessert: Raspberry Clafoutis! So eggy and rich and studded with tart raspberries. 😋 Grab the recipe in the blog archives (link you-know-where). #ButteredSideUp #raspberry #summerdessert
NEW POST: Homemade Ranch Dressing! I used to think ranch dressing was one of those things that was impossible to recreate at home. Well, I was wrong! And it's actually really easy. You probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen already!
Grab the recipe on Buttered Side Up (link in bio).
#butteredsideup #homemadefood #fromscratch
You guys, you guys, you GUUUYS! I have something amazing to share with you. Wait for it: Lemon Curd Ripple Ice Cream! It's rich and creamy and tangy all at the same time. Reuben is a tiny bit obsessed with it. 😬
Go grab the recipe on @thepioneerwoman's Food & Friends section (link in my bio).
#lemoncurd #pwfoodfriends